CHS and RRHS play a football game against each other in 2019
COVID-19 testing for students and staff
Students at IHS explore different options for their future at a recent college and career fair
Ms. Garretson stands in front of cookies prepped for sale at a fundraiser
The Dangers of E-Cigs
High Fives to Rust Medical Center Employees is written on a banner to thank healthcare workers
Wall at a school promoting AVID at Rio Rancho Elementary School
Lincoln Middle School accepts a National Unified School Champion banner from the Special Olympics
A message from NMDOH and NMPED
Students at Shining Stars Preschool place images on a poster to honor Hispanic Heritage Month
Thank you teacher message on a chalkboard
Did you know?
Job Fair Oct. 6 from 5-6pm  at the RRPS Training Center located at 500 Laser Road
Career Technical Education: Which road will you take towards more than 60 career paths?
Student Surveillance Testing Program
Picture of the display at Maggie Cordova Elementary showing various Hispanic Heritage Month items and information on historic figures in English and Spanish.
The Meaning of a Quarantine
There are 23 languages spoken by students within the district.
My child has COVID-19 symptoms