A teacher and volunteer reading to children in a circle.

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Have a question about becoming a volunteer at RRPS? Contact us at volunteers@rrps.net

Volunteering at Rio Rancho Public Schools

Rio Rancho Public Schools recognizes and truly appreciates the many volunteers in our schools offering a wealth of experience, cultural diversity and invaluable assistance to staff and students. We are excited to partner with you as we ignite student potential in every one of our students!

Volunteer Opportunities:

There are many opportunities to assist within Rio Rancho Public Schools as a volunteer. Below are just some of opportunities available:

  • Be a tutor/mentor or help students with homework

  • Listen to children read

  • Play educational games with students

  • Help students learn another language

  • Support special projects or activities

  • Chaperone field trips

  • Assist with after-school programs

  • Provide office support

  • Serve on a school council or committee

  • Assist with athletic events

Apply to Become a Volunteer:

*Per state law, school volunteers are required to complete an FBI background check. This is a more thorough background check than those previously required of volunteers.

Additional Requirements (New):

All volunteers will be required  to complete the HB 128 questionnaire and additional state mandated training prior to final approval to volunteer.  It is important that you enter an accurate email address, as you will be sent information on how to complete the state required training.  The training includes:

  • Detection and Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect

  • Ethical Misconduct

  • Professional Responsibilities

  • Sexual Abuse and Assault

  • Substance Abuse

  • NMSU/CYFD course:

Volunteers who have cleared the background check and received an approval email may be utilized in any capacity with a school, at the discretion of the principal. The background screening is $59.00 and will be valid for 2 years from the date of the approval. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for RRPS, please complete the application form here. Applications will be processed in the order they are received.   Please allow up to three business days to process your application. Thank you!

**Please note - Required SafeSchool training courses and a Background Check MUST be completed within 30 days of initial application before you will be eligible to begin volunteering. Once cleared, your volunteer status is good for two years. If you are unable to complete these tasks within the 30 days however, your application will be closed. You may certainly reapply at a later date, but all required training and a new background check will need to be completed again with the new application. 

volunteer reading to a group of kindergarten students

Current or Expired Status

Wondering if your volunteer clearance is current? The school office can let you know if you are an approved volunteer and when your status will expire. 

If your status shows an upcoming expiration, you should receive an email 30 days from your expiration date inviting you to reapply. 

Note: You are not able to reapply sooner than 30 days from your expiration date.

Additional questions, please email volunteers@rrps.net