School Reentry Information for the 21-22 School Year

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The Latest News from Rio Rancho Public Schools

Rio Rancho Public Schools would like to inform you of the following updates, as of September 23, 2021 related to the 21-22 School Year Reentry Plans and our response to the COVID-19 public health pandemic:

School Precautions for COVID-19 Prevention

Children are going to hospitals at an increased rate due to rising COVID-19 transmission from the Delta variant, especially in communities with low vaccination rates. 

Click here to read through helpful COVID-19 prevention information from the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The link provides answers to frequently asked questions about school COVID-19 precautions. It also includes useful information on COVID-19, vaccines, masks, testing, contact tracing, quarantine/isolation, close contact precautions, sports and activities, special accommodations, community transmission, and more. Also, click here to read through the NMPED COVID-19 Symptoms in Schools flyer.

A Message from NMDOH & NMPED

The New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) and the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) would like us to let you know that they are aware that certain individuals are not letting schools know when they test positive for COVID-19, and that individuals are coming to school after testing positive. This includes staff and parents visiting the school or sending their students to school after testing positive. 

Please be aware that individuals refusing to self-isolate, or refusing to self-isolate their children, following a positive COVID-19 test, put the health and safety of others at serious risk. Any such action will be referred to NMDOH and the New Mexico Attorney General for investigation and possible civil and criminal enforcement. Individuals who violate the Public Health Orders or Public Health Act may be subject to a fine of up to $5,000 per violation and up to six (6) months in jail.

Please help ensure the health and safety of our students and staff by reporting a refusal to following self-isolation public health orders, by contacting NMDOH at 1-833-551-0518 or by submitting your concern online at: 

Homecoming Dance FAQs

Now that Rio Rancho High School and Cleveland High School will be permitted to host Homecoming Dances with strict COVID-19 safety protocols, we've been receiving some great questions from parents and students. Check out these FAQs for this year's Homecoming Dances:

How much are tickets and where can they be purchased?

A: RRHS tickets are $10 and may be purchased in the school Activities Office or the cafeteria during lunch periods. CHS tickets are $25 and are available in the cafeteria starting Sept. 27.

Is there a dress code for the dances?

A: Yes. No jeans or athletic wear will be permitted. Acceptable attire includes a shirt with a collar, suit/tuxedo, dress or pant suit.

Are all students able to attend or just juniors and seniors?

A: This year's dances are open to students in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12. The students must attend the school where the dance is taking place. Guests will NOT be permitted.

Can I attend the other high school's dance instead of my own?

A: No. Students are only allowed to attend the dance at the school designated as their home school for this school year.

If my child purchases tickets and decides not to attend, will refunds be available?

A: No. Refunds will not be available. Only students who are symptomatic or placed on a quarantine will be issued a voucher for use towards a future event.

If an 8th grade student is asked to attend by a high schooler, are they allowed to attend?

A: No. Only high school students, with the dance location designated as their home school, may attend this school year. 

Find more information about each school's Homecoming Dance on their respective Activities Office web pages.