S.A.F.E. Program

S.A.F.E. Programs are now OPEN!


The vision of the Rio Rancho Public Schools’ S.A.F.E. Program is to become a nationally recognized before and after school program that serves our community by empowering children to succeed socially and academically through quality enrichment, learning, and role modeling experiences.


The mission of the Rio Rancho Public Schools’ S.A.F.E. Program is to provide a challenging and nurturing environment that empowers each child to discover more about him/herself and to thrive academically, socially and physically through unique and engaging experiences.


The Rio Rancho Public Schools SAFE Program believes that we are responsible for ensuring:

  • every child will have a sense of belonging and is valued as an individual.

  • each child is capable of achieving a high standard of personal accountability both academically and socially.

  • our SAFE staff make a critical contribution to the academic, social, and physical development of each student served.

  • each student is respected for his/her individual and cultural diversity.

  • all children are engaged in a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment.


In 2001-02, the district received a 21ST Century Learning Community Grant that funded after-school tutoring at three RRPS elementary schools and one middle school. It was named, "Chiles.” When the grant expired in 2004, the district leadership decided to launch Students Achieving for Excellence (aka SAFE), a before-and-after-school program at each elementary school. At the time, there were fewer elementary schools, and each SAFE Program served significantly fewer students. Today, SAFE serves students in all of the district’s elementary schools and over 1,000 students. We are proud to offer ten distinct and high-quality SAFE Programs that engage students in age-appropriate enrichment activities as well as with quality toys, board, and cooperative learning games. SAFE utilizes a variety of learning spaces and partners with several local musicians, museums, and non-profits.

  1. SAFE is an enrichment program for students who access our services before and/or after school at a student’s elementary school. Please note that SAFE is not daycare, and we do not offer a drop-in service.

  2. The SAFE enrichment program provides developmentally appropriate activities for our students, in grades kindergarten through grade five. Developmentally appropriate activities may include literacy, dance, sports, music, math club, chess, arts-and crafts, gym games, and hands-on science.

  3. SAFE partners with excellent vendors and non-profits to offer experiential learning (at no extra cost to families) that builds background knowledge and a passion for learning. We have partnered with organizations such as:

  • Santa Fe Opera

  • National Museum of Atomic Science and History

  • Line dancing

  • Yoga

  • Learner’s Chess

  • Explora

  • Science Girl Labs

  • Music program (K-2 students)

  • Math Club (K-1 students)

  • Wildlife Rescue

S.A.F.E. School Websites

Hours of Operation



6:45 AM to beginning of school

1:50 PM to 6:00 PM



6:45 AM to 9:00 AM

4:00 PM to 6:00 PM


6:45 AM to 9:00 AM

12:30 PM to 6:00 PM


Registration for SAFE for the 2021-2022 School Year is on-going based on site capacity.

We maintain all sites on a "waitlist" format to ensure that we are registering based on needs and site ratios at all times. Open registration periods run the first week of school and for one week in th spring during May.

Register Below for 2021-2022 SAFE Programs Below


  1. For a student to enroll in a SAFE program, the student must be enrolled at the same RRPS elementary school in which the SAFE program is located. For example, a Vista Grande ES student can only register and attend the SAFE program at Vista Grande ES.

  2. For one week in the spring, SAFE opens pre-registration for the coming school year. We strongly encourage families to complete the spring pre-registration.

  3. If a family does not register his/her child during spring pre-registration, there is a fall registration during the week prior to school starting. Registration is ongoing throughout the school year depending upon the availability of space in your child's SAFE program.

  4. SAFE enrollment is considered complete when the family completes the online registration and application form and has paid the non-refundable $50 (per student) registration fee after the registration form has been accepted. Payment does NOT confirm registration as registration is confirmed by open spot availability or acceptance from the wait list by the site coordinator.

  5. We accept online payments that are an electronic check, credit card or debit card and we use an encrypted website. A nominal convenience fee ($.45 cents per transaction) will be charged by the bank per online debit or online check transaction. Credit card fees are determined by your account holder.

  6. If you are unable to complete the registration process online, please work with the coordinator of your child's school. He or she will make a computer available to complete the online registration.

  7. After completing the online registration application, and the parent will receive an email that is either a confirmation or notifies the parent that the child is on a waiting list.

  8. Please note that enrollment is determined on a first come first basis. Online registration forms are time and date stamped.

  9. When a SAFE site is full and the family has completed an online registration/application, an email will be sent stating that the child or children are on a waiting list. If you receive such an email, do not pay the registration fee as it is non-refundable. Please pay the registration fee when you either receive an email that your child is admitted to the SAFE program or you are contacted by the SAFE coordinator that your child is being moved off the waiting list because space is available.

  10. We do encourage families to complete the online registration/application during one of the two registration windows. The information will be retained by the SAFE coordinator, and your student(s) will either be enrolled or placed on a waiting list.

  11. SAFE registration must be completed each year. Do not assume that because your child was in SAFE during the current year that the child will automatically be registered for the coming year. Only students whose parents have completed the registration/application for the coming year and received a confirmation email or call/email from the coordinator stating as much are enrolled.

  12. When space becomes available, the SAFE coordinator will communicate with families on the waiting list. A link to the online payment system will be provided to expedite payment of the $50 per child registration fee and your student’s enrollment in the SAFE Program.

  13. All children who attend SAFE must possess independent toileting skills.

SAFE Payment Procedures

SAFE Payment Procedures

SAFE Tuition Rates 2021-2022

I. NON-REFUNDABLE REGISTRATION FEE AND TUITION. A student is considered enrolled in SAFE after the registration form is submitted and the non-refundable registration fee is received through our SAFE online payment system. One can submit the registration form online. If you are in need of a computer, please contact the SAFE coordinator at your child's school. Tuition rates vary by the hours of a student’s participation. Please view the tuition rates on this website.

II. TYPES OF PAYMENT. SAFE tuition is paid online only via an electronic check credit card or debit card. If you have extenuating circumstances that prevent you from paying online, please speak with the SAFE coordinator about an exception.

III. ONLINE PAYMENTS. Payment are made online by an electronic check or using a credit or debit card through US Bank's encrypted website. The bank charges a nominal convenience fee per transaction.

IV. OUTSTANDING BALANCES. Parents/families who have an outstanding balance on their child(ren)’s tuition at the end of the school year will not be permitted to register their child(ren) for the SAFE Program in the upcoming school year. All fees, including late payment, insufficient funds, and late pick-up fees must be paid in full prior to registration for the following school year. If a parent/guardian of a child with an outstanding balance does pre-register for SAFE online, including payment of the non-refundable $50 registration per child fee, the registration fee will be applied to the outstanding balance. However, the student will not be pre-registered for SAFE. The parent will be notified by the coordinator that the student is NOT pre-registered in SAFE for the upcoming school year. The coordinator will communicate with the parent to clarify payment expectations, next steps, and their child's status in the registration process.

V. PAYMENT DUE DATES. Tuition payments are due on the first day of the quarter, and weekly payments are due every Monday. If school is not in session on a Monday due to a holiday, school cancellation, parent-teacher conferences is due the first school day of that week.

Quarterly payments are due for the 2021-2022 SY on the following dates:

August 9, 2021

October 11, 2021

January 10, 2022

March 14, 2022

VI. FEE FOR LATE PAYMENT AND NON-PAYMENT. The coordinator will inform a parent when a payment is late, and there is a $15 fee for EACH late payment. If you have extenuating circumstances that interfere with your ability to pay, please talk with the SAFE coordinator. At times, an alternative payment plan can be established. After two weeks of non-payment, the family will be required to pay weekly for the remainder of the quarter unless there is an alternative payment plan. If there is a second time that a family pays more than two weeks late, the family will pay weekly for the remainder of the school year. After non-payment of three weeks, your child(ren) will be dis-enrolled from SAFE. To re-enroll, the tuition and late fees must be paid in full. The child's space in SAFE will not be held due to non-payment.

VII. FEES FOR LATE PICK UP. If a family picks up a child after 6:01 pm, there is a $15 late fee for each 10 minutes, per child, per day. If a child has been picked up late three times, the Director of Student Services will be notified of the circumstances, and there may be further action and possibly dis-enrollment of the child from SAFE.

VIII. CHECKS RETURNED FOR INSUFFICIENT FUNDS. The SAFE Program charges a $15.00 fee per check returned for insufficient funds. If a family has two checks returned for insufficient funds, the family will be required to pay tuition by money order or certified check.

IX. REFUNDS. Refunds must be approved by the Director of Student Services and and are made only for rare, extenuating circumstances. Please speak with your coordinator about this process. Under no circumstance is a registration fee refunded.

X. PAYMENT RECORDS / RECEIPTS. Online payments generate an electronic receipt. If you create an account with the US Bank website, the bank retains an online, electronic record of your payments. We highly recommend that you "register" or create an account with US Bank, so you can download your receipts for the year for tax purposes.

XI. PAYMENT RECORDS FOR TAX PURPOSES. In the past, SAFE coordinators calculated the total amount of tuition a family paid to SAFE for a calendar year. We will no longer provide this information. See X. above. Instead, the SAFE coordinator can provide the Federal Employee Identification Number of RRPS, which is required by the IRS for tax purposes. If you want to deduct SAFE tuition on your taxes, add up the tuition payments. Please note that the IRS does not permit families to deduct the registration fee.

XII. PAYMENT SCHEDULES AND SERVICES OFFERED. Please see the payment options, hours offered, and corresponding tuition rates.


Please note:

The bank utilized by SAFE offers an optional registration, so parents do not have to re-enter bank account information every time an online payment is made. This is not the same as your SAFE program registration.

Parents, please proceed with paying the $50.00, non-refundable registration fee for each child you are registering. Please note that registrations are only complete once you have paid the $50.00 registration fee. Thank you.

Use the confirmation number from your payment to retrieve past payment information.

The Electronic Payment System belongs to US Bank. SAFE utilizes this service because our account is with US Bank. Please see it's logo in the screenshot below.

  • Payments can be made using a checking account, a debit or credit card.

  • When you register at the banks Electronic Payment System website, you are registering with US Bank, so you will need to input and remember your user ID and password. This is not an RRPS website, it is the banks.

  • US Bank offers an optional registration, so parents do not have to re-enter bank account information every time an online payment is made. This is not the same as your SAFE program registration.

  • Many parents believe that the user ID and password they use with InfoSnap to register their child for school is the same system as the online payment. This is a misunderstanding as they are two completely separate systems.

  • Please write down or have a system to remember your user ID and password.

  • The US Bank Electronic Payment System issues an electronic receipt for each payment, which you can save or print. If you register with their website, it also saves all of your payments, so you can later access them when filing your income taxes.


S.A.F.E. Procedures

The information below describes our process, procedures, and expectations for families and students.

Please see the S.A.F.E. Handbook for additional expectations and program guidelines


A parent cannot pay for only certain days or weeks of use. Whether the child attends SAFE or not, the space is reserved for the child. All SAFE families are responsible for paying the full tuition based upon the payment option the family selected regardless of days that the child is absent from the program.


A child cannot sign him/herself into or out of the SAFE Program. For the safety and security of your child(ren), parents/guardians must sign each child into and out of the SAFE Program daily by using the piloted electronic system or the paper attendance sheet provided. A student may be signed into S.A.F.E. one time upon drop off in the AM and will be released to school at the close of S.A.F.E. and a student may arrive at S.A.F.E. in the PM and be signed out by an approved adult at the time of pick-up. At no time can a child be signed out of S.A.F.E. and then re-signed in a second time. Once a child is picked up in the PM, their time in S.A.F.E. is done for the day. In the AM, once a child is signed into S.A.F.E., the child will need to be signed out from the office at the start of the school day should a need arise for the child to leave with an approved adult.


You and each of your emergency contacts (authorized persons 18+) will be asked to provide picture identification when picking up your child(ren). Your child(ren) WILL NOT be released to any person who is NOT on the emergency contact list. The authorized adult who is picking up a child will record on the daily attendance sheet the date and time of a child’s pick up from SAFE.


SAFE refers to the emergency contacts listed in the SAFE application. Additionally, we use the emergency contact information located in the RRPS student information system, PowerSchool, to verify who is authorized to pick up your child(ren). If you want someone who is considered non-authorized because he/she is not on the school’s emergency contact list, please talk with the coordinator for specific directions at least 24 hours in advance. We cannot “authorize” someone to pick up your child(ren) via telephone call. If you know there will be a change to your emergency contacts, please be proactive and let the school and your coordinator know as soon a possible, so the emergency contact list can be updated in our records and PowerSchool. This procedure exists for your child’s protection.


The coordinator or his/her designee will take attendance every afternoon to assure your child is present. However, it is your responsibility to notify the coordinator when your child will be absent. A SAFE staff member will contact parents or emergency contacts when a child is absent from SAFE and the coordinator had not been previously notified that the child would be absent.


Every SAFE Program follows the policies, procedures, and rules outlined in the school’s parent-student handbook. You may locate the handbook at www.rrps.net and follow the links on the district website to the webpage of your child’s school. All SAFE children are expected to follow the rules and procedures of the SAFE program. If a student has a behavior intervention plan (BIP), the SAFE staff will collaborate with school staff to understand how to implement the BIP accommodations in the SAFE setting.

In most cases, when a child is not meeting behavioral expectations, the student will be re-directed by a staff member or assigned to a short time-out from the activity. On occasion, however, the behavior will warrant a suspension from the SAFE Program. All such behavioral events will be documented, and the parents will be informed of the event that transpired and the assigned consequences. As per the federal law called, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, FERPA, we cannot discuss the consequences or circumstances regarding another student in the SAFE Program.

Students who exhibit chronic misbehavior will be subject to the procedures outlined in the RRPS elementary school discipline matrix and the school’s parent-student handbook. The coordinator, and possibly the Director of Student Services, may meet to develop a plan of next steps. In the event of severe behavior, a student may be dis-enrolled from the SAFE Program.


Personally owner electronic devices such as phones, iPads, laptops, games, etc. may not be out or used while a child is attending SAFE. NO PERSONAL DEVICES! Exception is given to RRPS issued Chromebooks used for education or enrichment purposes by discretion of the site coordinator.


We require a ten (10) day notification of a student’s dis-enrollment from SAFE.