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Parent University Classes are hosted by the Communications, Strategy & Engagement Office for Rio Rancho Public Schools. If you have a question or would like to suggest a topic, please email us at

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Parent University at Rio Rancho Public Schools offers free online webinars for parents, guardians, RRPS staff and community members. Parent University classes have a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Student Safety on Campus

  • COVID-19 Safety Practices

  • Student Health and Awareness Issues

  • Career Technical Education Opportunities

Classes are typically held starting at 5:30 p.m. on the designated date and run approximately 1.5 hours in length with time for a questions and answer session at the end of each class. All classes are held virtually and streamed live on our YouTube Channel. The chat box is used for question submission so those watching can interact with presenters.

Upcoming Parent University Classes

The Dangers of E-Cigs:

  • Thursday, Oct. 28

  • Streaming live on our YouTube Channel starting at 5:30 p.m.

  • Free online class open to all RRPS parents/guardians, staff, students and community members

Join Rio Rancho Public Schools on Thursday, Oct. 28 for an online Parent University class all about the dangers of E-Cigs and what you can do as a parent or guardian to help your kids stay away from them. We'll have a presentation and Q&A session with presenters from the RRPS Safety & Security Department, RRPS Nursing Department and Rio Rancho Police Department.

E-cigs (E-cigarettes) are known by a variety of names, including e-hookahs, mods, and vape pens. All are designed to deliver nicotine, flavoring, and other additives to the user via an inhaled aerosol. Many e-cigs are disguised in various shapes, most notably to look like USB flash drives, and come in “kid-friendly” flavors designed to make drugs more appealing to young people. As with cigarettes, young people can become “hooked” on the nicotine in e-cigs. Instead of dissuading them from taking up smoking, e-cig use may actually result in students using other forms of tobacco. According to the Surgeon General, nicotine use during the teen years poses threats to students’ developing brains, impacting learning, memory, and attention spans as well as increasing the risk for future addiction to other drugs.  

Even scarier, e-cigs can be altered to contain other substances, including marijuana and other dangerous and illegal drugs. As with nicotine, in some cases e-cigs contain much purer, more potent doses of the active ingredient (THC) in marijuana than a typical marijuana cigarette. A student purchasing an e-cig, or sharing an e-cig with a friend, may have no way of knowing that the device is laced with potentially dangerous drugs.