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Application Information for NEW Applicants

  1. Visit the Recruit and Hire site to view a list of job openings.

  2. Choose a job posting of interest from the list of openings

  3. Click the Apply link to view a full job description

  4. Click the Apply Now for This Position on the right

  5. Click the Create New Account and Apply

Returning Applicants

  1. Go to Recruit & Hire Site

  2. Enter Username and Password

  3. View listed jobs and click Apply Now for positions of interest

  4. Follow the Application Progress Menu on the right side of the window.

Be Prepared:

All applicants are required to provide email addresses for references.  References should be professional references; no family members.


Some NM PED Information for Instructional Applicants:
Recruit and Hire Site Information:

Forget your password? If you forget your login/password to the Recruit and Hire site, you MUST use the "Forgot my Password" tool on the Recruit and Hire Site.

Click here for Salary and Benefit information.

Application Requirements

Please be aware of the following:

current transcript (composite or from each school) must accompany all applications for a licensedancillary, or administrative position!

- Applications submitted without current transcripts will NOT be considered. Transcripts help us determine eligibility for "Highly Qualified" status. 

New Mexico's 3-Tier Licensure System