Human Resources Frequently Asked Questions

The Human Resources Department is available to assist with all personnel matters related to Rio Rancho Public Schools. Our team of experienced staff members can assist you Monday through Friday during office hours.

This page contains answers and information for the most frequently asked questions in our Human Resources Department. Should you have questions, after reviewing this page, please call us at (505) 896-0667.

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District Employee Questions

Where can I find District Calendars?

Please visit the HR Intranet Page and look for Calendars to view all district calendars. Please note that you must be logged in to your RRPS computer or main account.

Where can I find HR Department Processes for Current Employees?

Please visit our HR-Intranet Page and open the HR Forms and Docs link. Please note that you must be logged in to your RRPS computer or main account.

Which I-9 Documents can I provide?

Recruit and Hire Job Application Site

RRPS is now using an online tool called Recruit and Hire which enables prospective applicants to:

  • Search for and preview specific job postings

  • Apply for specific jobs

  • Update your profile, resume and application information

  • Track your application online

  • Monitor the status of your application(s)

What’s first in the job application process?

Choose a job from the available listings and click “Apply” link. This link will take you to a full description of the open position as well as detail about the application procedure.

How do I create an account for the job application process?

After reviewing job posting, click the “Apply for this Position” link on the right –hand side of the page. If you are a “new applicant” to Recruit and Hire, click the “Create New Account and Apply” button. If you already have a Recruit and Hire account with Rio Rancho Public Schools, enter your username and password and the system will retrieve your previously submitted applications and data. Remember your username and password. This information will allow you to return at any time to submit additional applications, as well as update your information.

How do I know when my application has been received?

The “Application Progress” menu on the right hand side of the screen leads you through the application; as you review and update each section, click “save and continue” to advance through your application.

How do I track my application status?

Once you logon, select “Application Status” from the tabs at the top of the page. When an application is successfully submitted, your status will be “Application Received.” HR staff will review your application, confirm that you have correct attachments, and check for email reference responses. When the system has recorded the correct number of reference responses for the position, your status will be changed to “Application Complete/Under Review.” Your application is now available for review by the job owner.

How do I add all of my transcripts to my online job application?

You must scan and save all of your transcripts as one document to upload into the section provided.


If you are applying for an instructional position and you have not yet obtained your NMPED teaching certification, you will need to write a statement and upload it to the licensure sections stating that you are in the process of obtaining either your Initial or Alternative licensure. Please be specific with the reasons why you do not hold certification.  If you should be recommended for hire, you would have 90 days to acquire your PED license. 

Do I need letters of recommendation?

Only for the administrative positions. You will also need to scan them in as one document to upload in the section provided. Please be sure that your letters are signed with a current date and signature.

How do I know if my references completed the survey?

Once you logon, select “Reference” from the tabs at the top of the page. The last column to the right tells you if the reference has been return. Certified positions require three returned references; classified positions require two returned references. Your application will not be complete until the required references have been received.

How do I update or change my application once it’s been received?

Once you logon, select “Profile” from the tabs at the top of the page. Towards the lower left of the page you will notice a box with the posting that you have applied. Click on the link just below them that says “update profile."

I attended a University outside of the United States.  How do I reference that on my application?

When you get to the Education portion of your application you will be prompted to enter the “Name of School," select “Other.”  This will open a text box for you to type the name of your school.  When you get to the “State” section, select
“Outside United States.”

NOTE: Your application is not complete and ready for review until email reference responses have been received and HR has confirmed that you have correctly attached all required documents.