Students work on their robots

There's a lot of thought involved in creating robots that -- at least to a limited degree -- can think for themselves. And that means students from nine Rio Rancho schools spent a whole lot of time thinking before competing at the International RoboRave competition held in Albuquerque in early May.  Rio Rancho's students took on hundreds of other competitors from all over the world at the international competition, and did pretty well too!  

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Here are some of the competitions and results (more added as we receive them): 

 Robotovate – Designing a robot to help or entertain humans – 30 teams competed in the event open to Middle School, High School, and “Big Kids” (adults)

  • 2nd place: Greg Bethony and Kaylee Dunnigan, Rio Rancho High School (Received $1,500!)
  • 7th Place: Alisha Noble, Cooper Ware, Ian Espenship, Mountain View Middle School (Received $100)
  • 10th Place: Mikenzie Chessman, Jonah Judson, Matthew Frazier, Mountain View Middle School (photo at right) (Received $100)
  • 11th place:  Cleveland HS

Line Follow/Ball Delivery – 60 teams competed in this middle school event, where robots must follow a line and deliver ping pong balls into a bin, then return for more.  Most balls in the allotted time wins.

  • 7th Place: DiAngelo Apodaca, Jacob Chavez, Jacob Sellers, Mountain View Middle School
  • 8th Place: Maverick Attwood, Stephen Blea, Ian Tateisi, Mountain View Middle School

(MVMS had 8 teams in the top 25) a-MAZE-ing – 43 middle school teams competed in this event, where robots must successfully navigate a raised wooden track in the shortest amount of time.   

  • 5th Place: Trey Anderson, Landon Bennette, Adian (Nico) Rodriquez, Mountain View Middle School
  • 8th Place:  Lucas Kostel and Caleb Rosenson, Mountain View Middle School
  • 7th Place: Lincoln Middle School
  • 9th Place: Andrew Barela, Isaiah Smith, Brenden Shires, Mountain View Middle School

(MVMS had 6 in the top 20 in this event)

Alpine Bot – Middle School – a new event with 14 participants total.  In this event, a robot must climb a 60-degree slope to a (tall) raised platform and plant a flag on a target.  One of the challenges in this event is that the robots contain a vacuum that sucks the robot down to the track so it doesn't fall off.  Not easy!

  • 6th Place: Jacob Nikolai, Nathaniel Renteria, Garytt Mascarenas, Mountain View Middle School
  • 7th Place: Elijah Barrios, Ray Villarreal, Mountain View Middle School
  • 9th Place: Angelina Martinez, Dillon Edinger, Mountain View Middle School
  • 12th place: Team hill climb 2, Rio Rancho Cyber Academy

Other competitions include the firefighting challenge, where robots must find candles hidden behind obstacles and snuff out the flame, and jousting, where two robot "warriors" meet head on with each trying to knock the other from its robot perch.