RRPS Student Research Expo

Welcome To The RRPS Student Research Expo Page
The Faculty Advisor for the Expo is Rob Keeney.
Phone:  RRHS x53303; 962-9303 when calling from outside the campus.
Email:  rob.keeney@rrps.net 

Last updated: 14 Aug, 2018 (forms not complete yet - will be in a couple of days)

2019 Intel ISEF Forms
(Click Links below to access PDF)

 Form 1: Checklist for Adult Sponsor / Safety Assessment Form  Form 1A: Student Checklist / Research Plan
 Form 1B: Approval Form

Form 1C: Regulated Research Institutional / Industrial Setting Form

 Form 2: Qualified Scientist Form

Form 3: Risk Assessment Form

Form 4: Human Participants and Informed Consent Form

Sample Informed Consent Statement

Form 5: Vertebrate Animal Form (5A and 5B)

Form 6A: Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents Form

Form 6B: Human and Vertebrate Animal Tissue Form


Form 7: Continuation Projects Form

ALL ISEF FORMS.  Select this link if you would like a PDF of all of the ISEF forms that can be directly edited. Download may take a moment.


Teachers review their own students' NON-Expo research projects for safety concerns. NO human subjects, vertebrate animals, microbiological, or controlled substance projects are allowed for NON-Expo research. For any questions, please contact Rob Keeney.

RRPS SRC Forms-2019

 Ethics In Research Expo Registration
 Media Consent  


11 Sep: last day for human subjects petition submission

09 Oct: last day for 1st submission of vertebrate animals projects SRC paperwork - resubmissions can be done after this date.

16 Oct: last day for 1st submission of human subjects projects SRC paperwork - resubmissions can be done after this date.

27 Nov: last day for ANY SRC paperwork! DO NOT WAIT until the last day or even the last couple of days. Any errors will mean you cannot resubmit.

16 Jan: project set up in the RRHS
 aux gym, from 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm.

17 Jan: ***EXPO***

22 Jan: Awards ceremony - RRHS Performing Arts Center (PAC), 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

22-24 Mar: Regional Competition - by invitation only from the January 18 RRPS EXPO.

06-07 Apr: State Competition - by invitation only from the March 23 Regional Competion.