RRPS Board Policies

The revised RRPS Policy Manual is now in effect! 
Final versions of the policies in the 900 and 1000 series will be posted shortly, as will an index.  Please note that the final version of Policy 1016, Dress Code, is now available.  

Please note that two policies from the old policy manual remain temporarily in effect.  Updated versions of these policies will go to the Board of Education for consideration on Monday, July 23, with a final reading in August:

Policy 311: High School Athletic Program Drug and Alcohol Testing
Policy 356: Administration of Medication at School

Also, revisions to Policy 213 are under consideration: view them here.  

The RRPS Board of Education thanks everyone who provided input and comment during the development of the new policy manual. 

  • Series 100 = Basic Commitments and Foundation (final versions posted)
  • Series 200 = Board of Education Governance and Operations (final versions posted)
  • Series 300 = Community Relations (final versions posted)
  • Series 400 = Curriculum and Instruction (final versions posted)
  • Series 500 = Facilities (final versions posted) 
  • Series 600 = Fiscal Management (final versions posted) 
  • Series 700 = Personnel (final versions posted)
  • Series 800 = Safety and Security (final versions posted)
  • Series 900 = School Administration (draft policies posted)
  • Series 1000 = Students (draft policies posted - final version of Policy 1016 (Dress Code) is posted)

For reference only: 

Former RRPS policy manual: policies no longer in effect.