Board Policy Workshop Schedule

Upcoming Board Policy Workshops:

All workshops are at 5:30 PM at the District Training Center, 500 Laser Rd. NE, unless otherwise noted.  The public may sign up to comment prior to the beginning of the meeting. 

  • 600 Series: Fiscal Management  1/22/18
  • 700 Series: Personnel  2/26/18
  • 800 Series: Safety & Security 3/19/18
  • 900 Series: School Administration  4/23/18
  • 1000 Series: Students  5/28/18

Major policy changes are required to undergo a minimum of two readings (discussions) by the board before they become final.  The policy review process will continue throughout the 2017-18 school year.    

Please continue to visit the policy section of the RRPS website as new series of policies are posted for public review.