Rio Rancho Middle School

Rio Rancho Middle School

School Profile:
Updated September 2019

Mascot: Phoenix
Colors: Electric Blue, Navy Blue, and White
Grade Levels Served: 6-8
Founded: 2009 by Rio Rancho Public Schools, building was constructed in 2002 and opened as Rio Rancho Mid-High School

Staff Profile:
Andrew Pierce, Interim Principal
Jessica Sanchez, Assistant Principal

Employees: 109
Teachers: 68
Instructional Support Staff: 22
Non-Instructional Support Staff: 19

School Goals:
Student Excellence
School Programs:
Where Are We?
Location map - Rio Rancho MSAddress: 1600 Loma Colorado Blvd. NE 
Rio Rancho, NM 87144

Phone: (505) 891-5335
Fax: (505) 896-6761

Geographic Area Served: Serves students from all or portions of the following elementary school attendance areas: Cielo Azul (all students), Colinas del Norte (north of 28th Ave.), Enchanted Hills (west of NM 528 and south of the Barrancas Arroyo), Ernest Stapleton (Vista Hills area), and Rio Rancho Elementary (all students). Note: On some maps, Loma Colorado Blvd. north of Northern Blvd. is labeled 40th St.

Student Profile:
Enrollment: 1,246 (September 2019)
Percent Special Education: 17%
Percent English-Language Learners: 4.9%
Percent Free/Reduced Meals: 51.0%

Ethnicity/Race: The percentages for each category are rounded up or down to the nearest .1 which may cause the total to slightly exceed or be below 100%. In addition, families of mixed-race heritage may now also designate their child as being of more than one race. This may cause the percentages to add up to a number that is other than 100%.

African-American: 5.0%
American Indian: 5.3%
Asian: 1.4%
Caucasian (non-Hispanic): 30.3%
Hispanic: 57.6%
Pacific Islander: 0.2%