2019 Graduation Rates

RRPS Graduation Rates Tops for Large Districts, Schools
Posted on 05/18/2020

Graduation rates comparison RRPS/stateFor the second straight year, Rio Rancho Public Schools' overall district four-year graduation rate and those of all four high schools in Rio Rancho showed sharp gains.  The district’s cohort graduation rate* of 89% for the Class of 2019 is the highest in the district’s history, and the highest in the state for large school districts (4,000+ enrollment).  The graduation rates for Cleveland High (89.9%) and Rio Rancho High (89.8%) are the highest in the state for large high schools.  The Rio Rancho Cyber Academy graduated 91% of its small senior class. 

The most recently published national graduation rate, for the Class of 2017, is 84.6%.  National graduation rate estimates for the Class of 2018 are approximately 88%

See detailed district-wide and school trend data and analysis here:

Virtually all student subgroups also showed increases, and in some cases substantial increases, over the previous year.  We are especially pleased to report that graduations for student subgroups districtwide are within nine percentage points of the district average, an indication that efforts to “close the achievement gap” are continuing to show some success.

Independence High School’s graduation rate for 2019 increased by a whopping 19.2%, to 55.6%.  Independence provides programs designed to help students who face challenges in earning a diploma, including students who are self-supporting, are student parents, or who have fallen behind academically and need additional support.  Independence’s teachers and staff, with the support of others throughout the Rio Rancho district, have put a great deal of work into improving outcomes for Independence students.  This effort is now beginning to translate into higher graduation rates. 

Rio Rancho Public Schools supports students throughout their high school journey by pairing them with counselors and assistant principals who get to know students and follow them throughout their four years in high school.  Other ways RRPS high schools support students include:

  • Each student has a “Next Step” plan – a roadmap for their high school experience. 
  • Students who need extra assistance in math and reading can enroll in an elective period where they receive extra support from teachers who even meet with students during lunch and before and after school. 
  • Students who fall behind academically can enroll in courses at the district’s Secondary Learning Center after school and in the evening. 
  • A wide variety of elective courses and extracurricular activities help keep students interested in and engaged in school, and encourage them to stay the course to graduation. 

In order to qualify for a diploma, Rio Rancho students must meet rigorous standards established by the district and state, including earning class credits and achieving certain minimum scores on achievement tests.  In instances where students are unable to pass the tests, they may demonstrate competency in the core subject areas through alternatives designed to be comparably rigorous to achieving passing scores on the state's achievement tests.  The district's expectation is that all students graduate fully prepared for success in higher education, the military, or the workforce.  

*“Cohort” refers to students who began high school as ninth graders and graduated from high school four years later.  The rate accounts for students who may have attended more than one high school by proportionally distributing their outcomes among all schools/districts who contributed to that outcome.

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