Financial Information

RRPS Funding Sources and How They May Be Used

Rio Rancho Public Schools receives funding from a number of sources.  Most of these revenue streams support specific functions within the school district, and the funds can only be spent for specific purposes.

One of those sources of funding is capital outlay dollars, which come from voter-approved bond issues and tax levies as well as through direct funding from the legislature.  We're often asked if money from bond issues can be used to hire additional teachers or raise teacher salaries.  The answer is no.  It can only be used for projects related to the the building of new schools or additions to existing schools, building and grounds renovation and maintenance, or for technology.  

Link to funding sources chart
The chart shown at left and linked here further describes these funding sources, how they are "siloed," and how the funds may be used.  

Information on tax rates
Link to information on school tax rates
The table shown at left and linked here indicates tax rates levied for Rio Rancho Public Schools over the past five years.  It i
ncludes three sections:  Operational (a very small levy collected by the state for distribution to public schools), Two-Mill Levy (voter-approved funding used for school maintenance and technology; this levy was last authorized in 2018), and Debt Service (bonds for school construction and other projects; the last bond issue was passed in 2016).  

Link to tax comparison document

The table shown at left and linked here provides a comparison of school tax rates for Rio Rancho and surrounding districts, including Albuquerque, Bernalillo, Cuba, and Jemez Valley.