Truancy Information


The Rio Rancho Public School District is concerned with the problem of truancy.  The main focus of the Truancy Prevention Program is on reducing the number of children who fail to attend school on a regular basis.  Why such concern with truancy?  Research shows one of the most significant risk factors contributing to delinquency is truancy.  If a child fails to regularly attend school, he or she is far more likely to commit delinquent acts.  In addition, truancy has a negative effect on student achievement.  The Truancy Prevention Program tackles this concern by means of promoting public awareness of the New Mexico Compulsory School Attendance Law along with the Rio Rancho Public Schools attendance policies.  

The goal of the truancy personnel is to carry out enforcement of the State laws and school attendance policies making students more responsible and parents more accountable.  The truancy personnel works with the schools, students, and families to develop strategies for preventing further unexcused absences.  These efforts are aimed towards presenting clear choices that would empower each student and family to take control of their own lives.  The Truancy Prevention Program also works in collaboration with the Juvenile Probation and Parole Department, the Children, Youth and Families Department, Child Protective Services, and other State and District Court personnel.

If you have any questions regarding the New Mexico State Compulsory Attendance Law or the Rio Rancho Public School District’s position of addressing truancy, you may read the attached truancy prevention brochure or contact the Truancy Prevention Program directly at 505-896-0667, ext. 51372 or ext. 51373