Impact Youth Mentor Program

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Our schools need caring adult volunteers who are willing to spend some time with a child who may be struggling or just in need of a little coaching to help him or her reach full potential.


All it takes is one hour each week to begin making a difference

in a childs life.

What Is Youth Mentoring?

Mentoring is a one to one, caring, supportive relationship between an adult and a youth that is based on trust. This relationship focuses on the needs of the youth and encourages them to develop to their fullest potential based on their own vision for the future.  Hundreds of children in a community are eager to connect with adults who are willing to listen and be there for them!

Program Description:

Our program is school-based which means that   students   and   their   mentors   meet on school grounds, during the school day, following the school calendar. Mentors and students will meet weekly for a friendly visit. Weekly activities might include working on a computer in the library, playing a board game, spending time in the gym, or making a craft.

Who are the mentors?:

Our mentors are from local businesses and the RRPS District Office, as well as the community at large. Before being matched a mentor must successfully complete a rigid screening process that includes an application, reference check, an interview, a police background check and an initial training session.

Roles of a Mentor:

The key ingredient in mentoring is the relationship between the mentor and the student. Like all friendships, there must be caring, trust, acceptance and respect.

Mentors are exemplary role models exhibiting positive attitudes and outlooks. A mentor displays a positive image, one that can guide the mentee’s behaviors and actions. Mentors will: build a trusting relationship, be a good listener, serve as an advocate.

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Vision Statement

The vision for Rio Rancho Public School’s Mentoring Program is to provide a continuum of mentoring services available to students in a safe, effective manner.

Mission Statement

Our mentors will be committed individuals, positive role models, working one-on-one with students for at least a year on a consistent basis, whose goal is to maximize a students potential.


The  presence of a variety of positive influences  in a child’s environment is crucial.  Mentoring relationships help children to develop confidence to seek guidance from    caring, supportive adults. Its a skill that will help them in school, college and the workforce. The mentoring relationship does not replace the role of a parent or teacher.

A mentor is a friend.

RRPS Impact Youth Mentor Program Application

For further information call:

RRPS Student Services Department: (505) 896-0667 ext. 51129