Literacy Resources

Newsletters, Blogs, and Articles

- Newsletter: Reading and Writing support newsletter for parents
- Newsletter: Universal Applications for Literacy Support newsletter for staff
- Blog: We’re All Augmented and That’s Okay
- Blog: Reframing the Text-to-Speech vs. Human Audio Debate
- Article: Will It Read It? - Making Printed Text Accessible
- Video: “Is Assistive Technology Cheating” and Other Assistive Technology Myths

Universal Literacy Supports

Don Johnston Learning Academy

More Reading Resources

- Snap&Read Universal: Chrome extension
- Snap&Read Universal: Overview and Features
- Snap&Read Universal: Resources
- Snap&Read Universal: Quick Card
- Snap&Read Universal: Language Translation Quick Card
- Snap&Read Universal: 4 Ways To Use Snap&Read In A GenEd Classroom
- Snap&Read Universal: PDF Viewer
- Sora RRPS/Public Library
- Bookshare: RRPS Bookshare Process
- Bookshare: Bookshare Training and Help
- Bookshare: Bookshare with Snap&Read Demo
- Bookshare: Bookshare Web Reader and Snap&Read

More Writing Resources

- Co:Writer Universal: Chrome extension
- Co:Writer Universal: Overview and Features
- Co:Writer Universal: Resources
Speech Recognition as AT for Writing