Senior Citizen Outreach

We have embarked upon an exciting new program designed to reach out to our senior citizens.  Our focus is on our citizens who are residents of Rio Rancho senior housing facilities and members of local senior centers.  Our goal is to keep our senior citizens informed of RRPS events that are open to the public and also to engage these folks in school-related activities.  We work closely with the school staff and students to design activities that are meaningful and educational for the students, as well as enjoyable for our seniors.  

We produce a monthly publication called, The Senior Side, that communicates the activities and events happening within our schools.  Included in The Senior Side are interviews of our senior citizens, conducted by our middle and high school journalism students.   Our seniors are proud to share memorable life experiences and lessons and it’s a rewarding experience for the students, and for the readers, to meet new friends in our community.

Another way in which friendships are forming is through the Pen Pal Program.  Our students and seniors are establishing relationships through an old fashion form of relationship building – letter writing!  It’s great to see the positive connection this program provides.

Other activities that are coordinated through our department include educational opportunities offered through UNM Osher, organized trips to school concerts and plays, and even a fun spa day!!

We are always looking to expand and grow this wonderful initiative!  Anyone with ideas of other events and activities that would be beneficial or interesting to our senior population, and would enhance our seniors and students connections, are invited to contact us.

Our monthly publications are available for your reading enjoyment.  Simply click on The Senior Side.

Point of Contact: Yolanda Vander Warf, Communications Specialist,

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