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Elementary Curriculum & Instruction
The Curriculum and Instruction Department consists of five departments that deal directly with classroom teaching and student learning. These include Elementary and Secondary Curriculum and Instruction, Staff and Professional Development, Reading Recovery and Literacy Coordination and the Fine Arts Department.

The C&I office is located in the C&I Center, 500 Laser Road Rio Rancho, NM 87124
Phone : 505-896-0667 Fax : 505-994-4135

C & I Announcements

Sal Khan Discusses Common Core Areas!
This is a SERIES of interviews (not long) on a variety of content-specific areas and how they should be dealt with in Common Core. The video below is the first (introduction) in the series:

Common Core Standards (Introduction and link to entire series):
Sal introduces the series of videos he's created with Bill McCallum, a lead author of the Common Core, to demystify the new standards.


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English Language Arts (ELA)