Future Ready

Students at interactive whiteboard for Mandarin Chinese lesson

Future Ready

Rio Rancho Public Schools believes that a well-rounded education includes the ability to effectively and responsibly use technology in teaching and learning. Future Ready helps to equip teachers and engage students to succeed in today's technology-driven society by:

  • Providing adequate network infrastructure (fiber optics, wireless networks, electrical and internet connection ports, etc.) for students and staff to effectively use technology
  • Providing devices, including computers, Chromebooks, interactive electronic displays, and more, to allow every teacher and student access to the many interactive resources available on the Web and through other sources
  • Facilitating the eventual transition to electronic textbooks and other instructional materials
  • Providing teachers with ongoing training (professional development) in the effective use of technology in the classroom and with resources that engage and excite students about learning


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Thank you Nusenda for helping to fund Future Ready professional development opportunities!