Volunteer Coordination

We are honored to have over 3500 volunteers serving our students! The coordination of these volunteers was moved under the direction of Information Services the summer of 2015. (Previously, it was managed by Human Resources).  The entire volunteer process is 100% online, enabling our volunteers to submit an application, obtain background clearance, maintain eligibility, track volunteer hours, see upcoming events open to volunteers, all digitally.

The first time a volunteer enters a school the front office will scan his/her driver’s license and explain how to use the Kiosk to sign in and out. On the next visit when the volunteer signs in at the Kiosk it immediately recognizes them as a volunteer, ascertains 
current approval, and brings out a one-day name tag with a picture. Our new system eliminates the need for badges.  More information about our Volunteer Program may be found here.

For details specific to the Volunteer Application and Approval processes, please click on Process Diagram for Application Process

Point of Contact:  April Edwards - email: volunteers@rrps.net

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