2016 Rio Rancho Public Schools Graduation Rates

RRPS vs. state graduation rate comparisonRio Rancho Public Schools' four-year graduation rates slightly increased in 2016, from just short of 83% to 84%.  The Class of 2016's graduation rate is on a par with the district's highest historic graduation rates and continues to exceed the national average.  For the first time, the district's graduation rates for all subgroups exceeds 70%, and every subgroup's graduation rate exceeds the state average by a substantial margin.  RRPS graduated approximately 1,100 students in 2016. 

See detailed districtwide and school trend data here:

In order to qualify for a diploma, Rio Rancho students must meet rigorous standards established by the district including earning class credits and achieving certain minimum scores on achievement tests.  In instances where students are unable to pass the tests, they may demonstrate competency in the core subject areas through equally rigorous alternative methods.  The school board recently added additional criteria, including passage of military qualifying exams and acceptance to a full-time position in the U.S. Armed Forces, to its alternative means of qualifying for a diploma.  However, these alternatives are designed to be comparably rigorous to achieving passing scores on the state's achievement tests. 

View graduation requirements for the Class of 2017 here!

Student getting diplomaThe district's commitment to graduation for all students is implicit in its mission statement: "The Rio Rancho Public School District is dedicated to graduating students who are responsible, ethical, and productive citizens, equipped with a solid foundation for individual success."  Superintendent Dr. Sue Cleveland echos this belief: "Our administrators, teachers and staff members go above and beyond to ensure our students are graduating while still maintaining the rigor and high expectations we set for our students.  We are proud of our students and staff and will continue to look for ways in which we can improve."  The district's expectation is that students graduate fully prepared for success in higher education, the military, or the workforce. 

The state also reports a five-year graduation rate which includes those students who needed extra time to complete work for a diploma.  At Independence High School for example, where many students come into the school far behind academically, the five-year graduation rate for the Class of 2015 increased by 20% over the four year rate, reflecting the hard work of students who stayed the course and earned a diploma.