What are the School Board's Options?

What are the Board of Education's options in making boundary decisions?

The school board has broad discretion when adjusting school attendance boundaries. 

Once the public comment is completed and reviewed, the Community-Parent Advisory Team (CPAT) will make its final recommendation.  This recommendation will be reviewed by the Superintendent's Cabinet and presented (with any needed changes from the Cabinet) to the school board for consideration, along with the public comment gathered during the process.  The board will review the proposed boundaries and make its final decision at a legally-noticed open meeting where additional public comment is accepted.  This is currently scheduled for Monday, February 24, 5:30 PM, at the RRPS Board Room in the District Training Center, 500 Laser Rd. NE (newer building).  

Based upon its review, the board may:
  • Accept the recommendation as presented
  • Reject the recommendation and request a new proposal
  • Modify the recommendation in any way it sees fit, including changing the proposed boundaries, removing areas recommended for reassignment to another school, or moving areas not included in the recommendation (if this happens, the board will usually send the proposed changes back out for public review).
  • Include other provisions, including:
    • Grandfathering some current students and allowing them to stay at their current school.  This usually is restricted to incoming fifth (current fourth) graders and transportation is not provided
    • Restricting transfers into some or all schools involved in the process
    • Setting limits on transfers into any new schools