Traffic/Transportation Factors

Some things that look like great ideas on a street map may not be, because the roads do not go through or are not passable for buses and often cars. It may be impractical to zone an area from one school to another because of lack of road access. This often means getting students from a neighborhood to relatively nearby school might mean busing them around “the long way” and even past another school to get there.

Joe Harris:

The only current routes in to and out of Joe Harris Elementary are Westside Blvd. and Wellspring Blvd to 21st St. (currently closed, but will be open once the school is completed). There is NO direct access from the north (Southern Blvd.) except for 11th St., which is passable for four-wheel-drive vehicles and most cars, but not for a school bus. There is a small fairly well-maintained dirt access road that comes down from Vargas Rd. to Westside that may be doable with a school bus, but it is just a couple of blocks west of Unser. The city advises there are no plans at this time to push 10th St. or 11th St. through from Southern to Westside.

Rainbow Blvd. is impassable south of Southern. The possibility of bringing students in from the west via Isabel Rd. was looked at, but Isabel is impassable for most vehicles between Rainbow Blvd. and Vicenza Dr. NW. The intersection of 10th St and Isabel is susceptible to flooding.

Middle of the district (Stapleton, east side of Colinas, west side of Enchanted Hills):

Going north-south:

  • The only roads that go through to Paseo del Volcan (PDV) from the south are Unser, Broadmoor, and Iris. Loma Colorado (40th St.) does not go through and there are discussions, but no immediate plans, to extend Loma Colorado to PDV. This limited the options for relocating areas in the area of Broadmoor and Montezuma Blvd, and led to the recommendation that this area be moved to Cielo Azul Elementary rather than Colinas del Norte.

Going east to west:

  • PDV ends at Unser Blvd.; the road west of Unser is marked closed and goes through an arroyo that is often not passable. The nearest accesses to go further west are King Rd. to the north, and Cherry Rd. through Northern Hills. Cherry extends all the way to Rainbow Blvd. and is a passable dirt road between 10th St. and Rainbow. To get to Colinas del Norte from the northwest, you have to go up to King Blvd, down King (directly past Cielo Azul ES) to Meadows Blvd., and down Meadows to Colinas. 
  • Montezuma Blvd. is a dirt road that looks like (and eventually will be) a major thoroughfare, but currently isn’t. Getting from Montezuma onto Unser is all but impossible, even for a four-wheel-drive vehicle (an E-ticket Disneyland ride). Norham/Norwich Ave, the next street north, sort of goes through, but crosses an arroyo and can become impassable. It would not be a suitable bus route.