What are the objectives of this process?

The primary objective is to create an attendance boundary for the new Joe Harris Elementary School. Creating this boundary will require moving students at other elementary schools, notably Martin Luther King, Jr. and Maggie Cordova. Both schools are over 850 enrollment; the opening of Joe Harris provides an opportunity to reduce enrollment at our two largest elementary schools.

It has also been twelve years since the district has conducted a comprehensive boundary review of all the elementary schools in the district. With the opening of Joe Harris, the district has an opportunity to make adjustments that will equalize enrollment and create room for growth from new housing developments at schools across the district.

Specifically, the process will:

  • Establish boundaries and create an attendance area for Joe Harris Elementary
  • Reduce enrollment at overcrowded schools, in particular Maggie Cordova Elementary and Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary
  • To the extent practical, try to average enrollment at district elementary schools at around 700 students

The ultimate and most important objective is to assure that elementary students throughout the district attend clean, safe, and functional schools and have access to a full range of educational opportunities without those opportunities being limited by overcrowding.