A Hidden Educational Gem: The Schumann Foundation

Schumann Foundation Grant Funds Student Planning Aid
Posted on 05/17/2019

Schumann Foundation scholarship to RRPS Students

Schumann Foundation Naviance GrantAt a recent Rio Rancho Public Schools Board meeting representatives from the Schumann Foundation presented RRPS Students with scholarship awards as well as a $10,000 grant to support Naviance. Naviance is a platform parents, students and families can use to map their progress through high school, explore colleges and careers and prepare for the next steps after graduation.

Schumann Foundation

  • Have you always wanted to go to a trade school, nursing school or college but haven’t because you lacked the funds?
  • Have you completed High School?
  • Are you a Sandoval County resident?

If you answered “yes” to these three questions, then you could be well on your way to achieving your higher educational goals with the help of the Schumann Foundation.

Mr. Schumann, a retired Rear Admiral with 38 years of service in the navy, had a successful career in Manufacturing, Textiles, Sportswear and Gourmet Food. Doug married his wife, Marie, in 1948 and enjoyed 51 years marriage. Each valued the higher education they received, Doug attending Tulane University and Marie graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Guidance Counseling, which she employed for 38 years as a guidance counselor in Brooklyn, New York.

Douglas and Marie Schumann moved to Rio Rancho in 1987 where they volunteered and were actively involved in the Kiwanis club. Their heart to serve their community led to formation of the non-profit Schumann Foundation. This endowment provides Sandoval students with scholarships and very low interest loans to remove the financial burden from the college education equation.

Anyone (post high school) looking to pursue their higher education dreams is eligible to apply. If you are a high school senior, going back to school again or a single parent, please apply. Furthermore, even if you previously received funding, and can show you are continuing to do well in your classes, apply again to receive more funding.

The Schumann Foundation’s number one goal today is to get more Sandoval students to apply for the funds they have available. At a recent board meeting a board member shared “we’ve got lots of money” and just not enough applicants. If you’d like to help the Schumann Foundation meet their goal, please submit your online application (click here) and obtain an education for a career so you can enjoy a fuller life!

For further information, please visit Schumannfoundation.com.