Employees With 20 Years of Service

Employees with 20 years of serviceThe following employees, some of whom are pictured at right, are congratulated on 20 years' service with the district:

Mariah Affentranger
John Anderson
Miguel Apodaca, Jr.
George Archuleta
Noelle Caceras
Nicole Erdelyi
Rhonda Esparza
Sandra Estala
Michelle Ford
Guadalupe Gallegos
Ann Garcia
Jennifer Babcock-Hoover
Lynn Keck
Diane Lea
Kyle Linzer
Kelly Mahboub
Christine Mulrey
Anna Palacio
Albert Perez
Jerry Reeder
Lyle Rittman
Michele Rivera
Renee Saucedo
Kurt Schmidt
Dolores Smith
Bonnie Strobel
Garrett Taylor
Judy Walker
John Witiuk