RRPS calendars for the 2019-20 School Year

2019-20 School Year Calendar

We would like to thank parents and the community for their patience with development of the 2019-20 calendar.  The release of the calendar was delayed due to the uncertainty about the number of instructional (classroom) days and professional development (teacher training) days the district would be required to include this coming school year. The plan passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor provides districts with some flexibility in developing a calendar and with options to apply for funds to extend the school year.

After careful consideration of the options, the district has decided to adopt a districtwide instructional calendar for next year that is similar to this year’s calendar and does not add additional classroom days for students. The district has applied to the state for funding to offer pilot programs at some schools that would offer additional learning opportunities for students. This approach will allow the district, over the next year, to work with parents, business and community leaders, and our own teachers and staff to develop a long-term plan for a school calendar that makes sense for Rio Rancho.

In addition, should our plan be approved, RRPS will be offering some great opportunities for elementary students this coming summer and a day of jump start for students transitioning into 6th and 9th grade at the start of the school year.

Watch for more information!

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