2019 Legislature

RRPS Legislative Priorities and Capital Outlay Requests for 2019 Session
Posted on 01/29/2019

Rio Rancho Public Schools believes students deserve a quality education that prepares them to be productive citizens of New Mexico. In order for Rio Rancho Public Schools to continue to afford students a quality education, it is imperative that we are provided fair, equitable and adequate funding.

We ask that legislators consider the following areas as priorities for the Rio Rancho Public Schools Board of Education:

Policy and Budget Issues:

  • Ensure that New Mexico is able to recruit and retain highly qualified teachers by setting and fully funding benefits and the base salaries at $50,000 for level one, $60,000 for level two and $70,000 for level three teachers.
  • Ensure that New Mexico is able to recruit and retain highly qualified principals by setting and fully funding benefits and the base salaries at $80,000 for elementary principals, $90,000 for middle school principals, and $100,000 for high school principals.
  • Ensure transportation funding is fair, equitable and adequately funds student transportation, including a safe ride to and from school, fuel costs and replacement buses.
  • Ensure that textbooks and instructional materials, including digital textbooks and necessary devices and infrastructure, are adequately funded allowing districts to complete full adoptions and replace consumables and damaged books/devices annually.
  • Ensure school districts have the necessary funding, flexibility and support to provide a systematic, layered approach to school and student safety:

    o  Eliminate offset for security grants.

  • Provide adequate, ongoing funding for the provision of behavioral and mental health services in and supporting the public schools.
  • Provide strong support, including any needed adjustments to state statute and regulation and provision of adequate and ongoing funding, to support career/technical pathways in New Mexico.
  • Review and adjust the Public School Capital Improvements Act (SB-9) to increase the amount of funds districts can generate to ensure they are able to adequately maintain their buildings and property.
  • Work with school districts to understand unfunded mandates and develop system to ensure districts receive adequate funding to fulfill legislative and PED requirements.

Capital outlay requests:

1.  Vista Grande Elementary Entry – Security Modifications:  $175,000

2.  Security Cameras --Elementary Schools:  $200,000

3.  Gun Shot Detection – Elementary Schools:  $1,000,000

4.  Gun Shot Detection – Middle Schools: $480,000

5.  Cleveland High School Perimeter Fencing:  $150,000

6.  Sensored LED Retrofit for exterior parking lights; project at District Office: $25,000

7.  Facility Management System:

•  Independence High School:  $215,000
•  Rio Rancho Cyber Academy:  $85,000

8.  Inclusive Playground Equipment for all elementary schools:  $500,000

9.  Rio Rancho High School Drainage Master Plan:  $265,000

We will continue to do our best for the students of Rio Rancho and are committing to working with our legislative team to craft creative solutions that support fair, equitable and adequate funding for education. We look forward to working with our legislators during this session.