2018-19 Safety Training Sessions for Parents

Rio Rancho Police Department logoSafety Training Sessions for Parents

RRPS District Training Center
Rio Rancho Public Schools logo: Igniting Student Potential500 Laser Rd. NE, Rio Rancho
6:30 p.m.

The safety of our schools is always a top priority and a joint responsibility shared by students, school, parents, and community. By working together, we can make sure our schools provide a healthy and safe environment for teaching and learning.

Please join us for a series of classes designed to help parents learn about some of the hazards young people face and ways they can help to keep our schools, and their children, safe.

Samples of JUULS that look like flash drivesThursday, December 6: E-Cigarettes, JUULs and Drug Recognition

RRPS Safety & Security and Rio Rancho Police Department

This session will familiarize parents with the new trends emerging around e-cigarette and JUUL use among teens. In addition, it will help parents recognize and identify behaviors or signs that indicate their child or their child's friends may be experimenting with drugs, what methods or interventions parents can use to help prevent drug use, and overall awareness of drug use among kids.

RRHS crowded parking lotThursday, January 24: Teen Driving and Law Enforcement Encounters 
Rio Rancho Police Department
This session will acquaint parents with teen driving and common issues or concerns they need to be aware of. In addition, parents will learn about the procedures police officers use in different encounters, what parents or their children can expect and how they can respond to these encounters.


Parents rights poster: Together we honor diversity, we communicate respectfully, we seek to find student centered resolutionsThursday, March 21: Parent Rights and Responsibilities
RRPS Student Services

This session will help you understand how Rio Rancho Public Schools works together with parents to resolve issues and help each student reach his or her full potential. We will cover processes and procedures that will help you, as a parent, know what to do when you have a question or concern about your child’s school.


Suicide Prevention ribbonThursday, April 25: Suicide Prevention

RRPS Safety & Security, RRPS Student Services Department and Counselors, and Rio Rancho Police Department

This session is designed to help parents recognize and prevent the signs of depression that can lead to suicide, and to help parents know what to do when they recognize the signs of depression in their son or daughter. This course will also help you identify effective activities to address depression in your child, and assist with how to prioritize your efforts among different options.