Spectator Guidelines

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Guidelines for Students, Parents & Spectators

The Rio Rancho Public Schools needs your support to provide positive role modeling for our student-athletes.

The involvement of our students in athletics and activities contributes to the development of their value system. Trustworthiness, citizenship, caring, fairness, sportsmanship, character, and respect are lifetime values taught through interscholastic activities. With these principles, the spirit of competition thrives, fueled by honest rivalry, courteous relations and grateful acceptance of the results.

The Rio Rancho Public Schools holds the following expectations for students, parents, guardians and spectators:
  • Understand the purpose of educational based athletics and activities.
  • School athletics/activities are about student learning and having fun.
  • School athletics/activities are not about attempting to earn a college scholarship.
  • Don’t live your life through school athletics/activities.
  • Accept all decisions made by officials.
  • Applaud when players, coaches and officials are introduced.
  • Be a positive role model through your actions; remain calm and composed during games.
  • Cheer supportively.
Performance pressure on student athletes is tremendous. Added pressure from reactions to errors, critical or negative remarks, and heightened emotions create undue stress on the athletes and distract from the excitement of the game.

The Rio Rancho Public Schools is committed to promoting good sportsmanship by student athletes, coaches, and spectators at all events. Profanity, degrading remarks and intimidating actions directed at officials or competitors will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from events.

If you are removed from a second event, you will be excluded from all athletic events (including events at other school involving Rio Rancho Public School teams) for the remainder of the school year.

We at the Rio Rancho Public Schools appreciate your cooperation in the promotion of good sportsmanship and are confident we can continue to support all students in a positive manner.