Science/Arts Instructional Materials Adoption

RRPS Seeks Parents to Review Instructional Materials
Posted on 09/11/2018

Arts logo: Drama, Dance, Visual Arts, MusicEvery six years, the state of New Mexico and local school districts review instructional materials in order to adopt updated materials for use in classrooms.  Rio Rancho Public Schools is currently acquiring sample materials from publishers for review. The state adoption subject cycle for this year is:

  • K-12 Science
  • K-12 Fine Arts (Music, Theater, Dance, Art)Flasks used for science experiments 

We are also in the process of developing instructional materials adoption committees for the elementary and secondary Science and Arts adoption process.  The members of these committees review all types of instructional materials and make a recommendation to the school board on which materials should be adopted for use in Rio Rancho classrooms.  The school board considers the committee’s recommendations in making their final decision.

Interested parents and community members are invited to participate on the instructional materials adoption committee for Science or the Arts.  Committee members will be expected to commit at least three full days to meetings and review and evaluation of instructional materials.  In addition, in the spring the adoption committees will solicit review and feedback from parents and community members through a district open house, and will present their recommendations to the Community Parent Advisory Team.  

Please refer to the school and district websites and parent newsletters for additional information and dates as we move into the process of evaluating and reviewing instructional materials.

Those wishing further information may contact one of the following individuals:

  • Elizabeth Jacome, Executive Director of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction at 962-1360
  • LaJuana Coleman, Executive Director of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction 962-1358
  • Kurt Schmidt, Executive Director of Fine Arts at 962-1355.