Summer Staff Training

Grownups Head “Back to Class”
Posted on 06/13/2018

Summer vacation?  Hardly.

Tech time Makey Makey training

When the students head home, for many of their teachers it’s hardly time to hit the beach.  They head back into the classrooms their students just vacated, to spend some of their summer break learning how to be better teachers.

One of the largest training sessions is “Tech Time,” where fellow teachers, educational technology specialists, and others share ideas for using technology to better engage students.  Some 236 teachers, administrators, and other staff took part in dozens of sessions spread over two days about new ways to help teachers get kids excited about learning.  

Large Tech Time Google Drive class

For example, one class introduced “Makey Makey,” a tool which lets students program circuit boards to perform a variety of tasks (photo at top right).  Other well-attended sessions help teachers and staff learn how to use everyday technology tools – such as Google utilities and programs like Excel – more efficiently, freeing up their time so they can focus on creative ways to improve learning.  Later this summer, in the weeks before school starts, many teachers will return for subject-area and other training. 

Custodial training in hallway

“Continuing education” is not limited to just teachers.  Bus drivers, maintenance staff, and others participate in ongoing training, some of which is done online and some in classrooms.  The entire district custodial staff just completed two days of refresher courses on safety protocols and cleaning techniques, both in the classroom and on “field trips” into district facilities.  The custodial staff will be busy throughout the summer, “deep cleaning” schools, refinishing floors, and sprucing up campuses so they will be ready for students when they come back to school in August.