Enchantment Awards Nominations

Repeat! RRHS Wins Second State Musical Theater Title
Posted on 05/07/2018

All Shook Up castFor the second straight year, a Rio Rancho High School musical production has captured the state's top award for high school music theater. 

All Shook Up lead actors for Sylvia, Chad, and NatalieAll Shook Up, the 2018 Rio Rancho High School musical production, was named "Best Production" at the 2018 Enchantment Awards, the equivalent of the state championships for high school musical productions and previously known as the Popejoy Awards.  The award recognizes overall quality in all theatrical dimensions, including the onstage performances (acting, singing, dancing), technical merit (set design and construction, sound and lighting, scene changes and stagecraft), and overall direction of the production.  

All Shook Up earned seven nominations, including being named one of the five musicals eligible in the production categories, which recognize outstanding production, direction, and ensembles.  Last year’s RRHS production of Big Fish also earned the Best Production award.   

Enchantment Awards students performingSix of the 20 actors and actresses nominated in the Enchantment Awards acting categories are from RRHS.  The acting nominees were judged both on their performances in the musical itself (40%) and on their performances onstage at the awards ceremony (60%).  At the awards, each nominee performed a number from their nominated role as part of an ensemble, a solo of their choice from any Broadway production, and in two other ensemble numbers.  RRHS's nominees for Best Actor and Actress (shown performing at Popejoy Hall) are:

Rebekah Casey performing

Rebekah Casey, for her performance as Sylvia, the somewhat lovelorn owner of the local diner 

Julia Flores performing

Julia Flores, who as Natalie, the local mechanic, first tries to win cool Chad by being ultra-feminine, then tries the best-buddy route by cross-dressing to become “Ed,” his sidekick 

Scott Kennedy performing

Scott Kennedy, who played Dennis, the poetic sort of also-ran sidekick (until the final scenes anyway!), in the matinee performance

Andrew Leyba performing

Andrew Leyba, who played Dennis in the evening performances 

Katherine Noel performing

Katherine Noel, for her performance as the seemingly buttoned-down but ultra-sexy Miss Sandra, the curator of the local museum

Walker Sikkens performing

Walker Sikkens, who made the girls (and grownups!) swoon as he channeled Elvis’ moves and voice as Chad, the “roustabout” who somehow makes everyone in town fall in love (second from left in the top right photo)

This is the second nomination for Noel and Sikkens, who both earned acting nods last year as the leads in Big Fish. 

All Shook Up is the story of a small, dull, buttoned-down 1950’s town which gets “all shook up” by Chad, a guitar-playing, hip-swiveling free spirit who helps the locals find the caring, optimistic outlook they never knew they had.  

All Shook Up cast performing at Popejoy

As the plot thickens with more twists and turns than Elvis’ midsection during a concert, the town’s citizens just “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”  By the end, everyone from the guy who owns the car repair shop to the repressed, ultra-prudish (female) Mayor is headed to the altar.  The story is told through the still-infectious music of the King of Rock and Roll himself, the late, great Elvis Presley.