Message regarding school threats

Important Information from Dr. Cleveland Regarding School Threats
 We have received threatening comments regarding Rio Rancho High School via social media this evening. We have been in contact with the Rio Rancho Police Department and they along with Rio Rancho Public Schools Safety and Security Department are investigating the threat and sources of the threat.


We appreciate the many reports, screenshots and emails we have received from concerned parents, students, staff members and community members. We are taking this report very seriously.  Additional RRPS Security and RRPD officers will be stationed at the school tomorrow and additional precautions will be taken.


Schools across the nation and state are receiving similar threats with the intent to create chaos. It is appalling that individuals would capitalize on recent tragedies to insight fear and anxiety among students and parents.  


If you or your student has any information regarding the message and the origin of the message, please contact the Rio Rancho Police Department immediately.


Law enforcement agencies are taking these threats very seriously and can pursue prosecution even when such incidents are intended as pranks.  Please make sure your child is aware of these ramifications and that he or she understands threats related to campus safety will not be tolerated.