2018 Rio Rancho Senior Science EXPO

State Science Fair Results
Posted on 04/19/2018

New Mexico State Science and Engineering Fair

Alexander Glick and EXPO projectSeven projects presented by Rio Rancho or Cleveland High students earned placement and/or special awards at the New Mexico State Science and Engineering Fair.  Alexander Glick of Cleveland High School (and this year's Valedictorian), shown at left, earned first place honors in the Energy and Transportation category for his project, Sticking to the Road.  In the Animal Science category, Cleveland senior Paris Reuel placed second with Caffeine: The Real Killer?  Mackenzie Mills from Rio Rancho High earned third place honors in the Microbiology category for her project,  The Effects of Copper Chloride on Algal Growth and Bioluminescence.  

Central New Mexico Regional Science and Engineering Fair

Rio Rancho students took home first place honors in five categories in the Central New Mexico Science and Engineering Challenge -- the regional science fair -- held in late March.  Their projects will be among ten from RRPS schools that qualified to advance to the NM State Science and Engineering Fair in Socorro this April.  Many other RRPS students earned placements and special awards at the regional level.

Students and projects qualifying for state competition, along with their regional placements, include: 

  • Animal Science, first place: Paris Reuel, Cleveland High, Caffeine: The Real Killer?
  • Biology and Biochemistry, first place:  Angelina Lopez & Breanna Sotelo, Rio Rancho High, The Effects of Amino Acids on Stem Cell Growth
  • Earth & Environmental Science, first place: Cameron Zielinski, Rio Rancho High, Do Mine Spills Really Destroy the Environment? Phase III
  • Energy and Transportation, first place: Alexander Glick, Cleveland High, Sticking to the Road
  • Microbiology, first place: Mackenzie Mills, Rio Rancho High, Comparing the Effects of Varying Concentrations of Copper Chloride on Algal Growth and Luminescence
  • Chemistry, second place: Jonas Myers, Cleveland High, Breaking a Buffer Efficiently
  • Chemistry, third place: Ashley Bradshaw, Cleveland High, Are Litmus Strips Accurate Compared to a pH Meter?
  • Earth & Environmental Sciences, Honorable Mention: Tessa Holderman & Mariana Palero Estrada, Rio Rancho High, Eco-Friendly Ant Repellents
  • Medicine and Health Sciences, Honorable Mention: Morgan MacKenzie, Rio Rancho High, Investigating Trends that Articulate the Correlation Between Obesity and Socio-Economic Factors
  • Plant Sciences, Honorable Mention:  Alandra Barreda & Chloe Fabbri, Rio Rancho High, Effects of Lighting Condition on Plant Pigmentation Part 2,

Students exhibiting at the state science fair have the opportunity to earn additional awards and prizes, as well as qualify for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (I-ISEF), to be held later this spring.  

RRPS Science EXPO: January 17, 2018

Two Science EXPO veterans, both of whom have previously represented Rio Rancho in national and international competitions, took top honors as "Outstanding Young Researchers" in the 2018 Rio Rancho Public Schools Senior Science EXPO.

Paris Reuel and "Caffeine: The Real Killer" project

Cleveland High senior Paris Reuel, who represented Rio Rancho last spring at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), researched the effects of caffeine. Reuel’s science success is a family tradition: some 15 years ago, Paris' brother Nigel was one of the first RRPS students to be invited to exhibit at Intel ISEF, and his sister Mercedes also was a top exhibitor.

Matuke Fomukong being interviewed by a judgeRio Rancho High’s Matuke Fomukong is also no stranger to international competition. A couple of years ago, she represented Rio Rancho at I-SWEEEP, a leading international science competition focused on environmental issues. Her project this year, “Helios Aqua System Phase 4: Artificially Dropping Pressure to Maximize Volumes of Purified Water,” is a continuation of her first three years of research on a system to purify salt water into drinking water. In addition to being a top young scientist, Fomukong is a very competitive track athlete who already has state championships to her credit.

Wide view of Science Expo in Cleveland GymSome 260 students from Cleveland and Rio Rancho High prepared 201 projects for this year's Science EXPO. Students choose a topic of interest to them, develop a testable question about that topic, gather and analyze data, and prepare materials reporting their results. They then must explain and defend their project and results to the judges.

The program helps students develop critical thinking skills by researching topics in a variety of academic disciplines. Many students apply the principles and protocols of scientific inquiry to solving real-world problems in art and music, sports, business, the humanities, and other academic areas. Projects are judged in categories including Behavioral and Social Sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Energy and Transportation, Engineering, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Medicine and Health, and Physics.

Science Expo competitors wide shotStudents compete for prizes and the opportunity to participate in the Central New Mexico Science and Engineering Challenge, the regional-level science and engineering competition. Students who earn first, second, or third placements qualify. From there, students can move on to state and international competition.