What are Mill Levy Funds Used For?

The Capital Improvements Two-Mill Levy provides ongoing annual funding for maintenance of Rio Rancho Public Schools facilities as well as for classroom technology and security.  It is different than a bond issue, and contributes just as much (or even more so) to student success. 

Maintenance worker in boiler room at RRHSBonds build big stuff -- schools, classroom additions, and major systems replacements such as whole-school HVAC systems, technology infrastructure, replacing windows, roofs, etc.  The mill levy funds allow us to take care of the building and systems we already have, protecting the taxpayers' investment in our schools and facilities.  Students learn better in safe, functional classrooms where they can concentrate on lessons rather than how hot, cold, or uncomfortable they are.   

The mill levy funds building repairs to heating and cooling systems, electrical systems, plumbing, and the structure/fixtures of the building itself (for example, paint, ceiling tiles, fixing broken doors, patching roofs, replacing broken desks, and tables, etc.).  It also funds grounds maintenance.  Since it's hard to predict what might break over a six-year period at any given school, the mill levy does include a specific, school-by-school list of projects.  

Mill levy technology funds support hardware and software that benefits students in the classroom.  While bonds build the infrastructure and supporting bandwidth for computers and other technologies, the mill levy replaces old computers and printers and pays for interactive display boards (Quomo and SmartBoards), document cameras, projectors, and other devices that help teachers excite students about learning.  
Student working at interactive white board
 The mill levy also pays for many crucial software systems that support students, teachers, and parents.  Among them are the PowerSchool student information system, the SchoolMessenger website platform and mass notification system, the InfoSnap registration system, Edgenuity online courses used at the Cyber Academy, for credit recovery for students who have fallen behind, and to supplement courses at high schools, and more. 

The mill levy also funds and maintains safety and security systems including fire alarms, security cameras, and phone systems as well as some school office equipment such as copy machines.  

Here is a list of some of the hardware and software paid for through the mill levy:

Desktop computers
High-capacity desktop computers for
CADD design classes
Laptop computers for teachers and students
Chromebooks and accessories
Chromebook Management
Mobile carts used to store classroom sets of Chromebooks
Network Printers
LED mounted projectors
Document Cameras
Classroom sound amplification systems
Quomo interactive displays
VGA cables
Audio Cables
Surge Protectors
Rechargeable Batteries for SAS

Adobe Creative Suite
Airwatch Mobile Device Mgmt
Aruba Airwave Support
Aruba Clear Pass Support
Aruba Hardware Support IAP
Edgenuity [Online instruction]
Follet Destiny Manager
Follet Hosted Proposal
iBoss Web Filter and Reporter
InfoSnap [Student registration]
Mackinney Elementary Class Assigner
Movie Licensing
MS Windows/Office/Endpoint
Netop Vision Pro NOLP License
Palo Alto Firewall
PowerSchool Student Info System
SchoolMessenger:  Website/
Smart Notebook Advantage
Yellow Folder [Document Management]