All About Our Department

Our administrative offices and the Transportation Center are located at 821 Moccasin Dr NE. You can reach us at 338-0078.
Meet the folks who keep this district rolling!
John Francis
Executive Director
Thea Currier
Transportation Specialist
Ext. 53710
Ronda Joyce
Transportation Specialist
Ext. 53701

Director of Transportation

Liz Aldaz
Mike Martinez
Assistant Director/Special Services Transport

Jerry Doerr
Maintenance Supervisor
Greg Polanco
Information Analyst/Information & Technology Manager

Albert Esquibel
Mechanic Technician
Jerry Salas
Senior Safety Specialist Ext. 53709

Terry Sneed
Standby Driver/Mechanic Assistant
Jason Martinez
Safety Specialist Ext. 53705

​Bill Buschardt
Mechanic Technician
Valerie Rue
Administrative Assistant Ext. 53714

Tony Garcia
Assistant Dispatcher