Demonstrating Competency in Science

Step 1:

The primary method students demonstrate competency in science is to pass the NMSBA (New Mexico Standards-Based Assessment)/HSGA with a score of 1138 or higher.  Must attempt the test twice before qualifying for the ADC (Alternative Demonstration of Competency). 

There are two options available for the Alternative Demonstration of Competency in science

Step 2:

Those students who do not pass the SBA/HSGA retake may then enter the “Alternative Demonstration of Competency” track to demonstrate that they qualify for a diploma.
  • A student may demonstrate competency by passing a state-approved assessment in science. State-approved EoCs are available to students during winter and spring finals and also during retake windows set by NMPED

Step 3:

If a student is not able to demonstrate competency through the EoC, they may do so through one of these methods approved by the RRPS Board of Education:

  • Pass a state-approved national exam in science including the science portion of the ACT, SAT subject test, an approved Advanced Placement exam, or other approved exam
  • Successful completion of an RRPS-approved, credit-bearing core science class at an institution for higher education
  • ACT Work Keys Applied Technology score of 3 or higher
  • Student has taken the ASVAB and has a preliminary acceptance letter from a branch of the military for a full-time position