Middle School Programs

Today’s young people live in a changing world with an increasingly diverse society, and new technologies that are expanding opportunities for careers & leadership. Education needs to keep pace to help them realize their academic potential while dealing with the developmental issues mid-schoolers face:
  • a search for their unique identity,
  • sensitivity to comments from others and
  • heavy reliance on friends for support and approval
The students need to explore a variety of interest and connect learning to practical application.
Middle School Counselors in RRPS are committed to helping all students, through a comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program, to reach their academic potential along with social and emotional well-being. We teach life skills that help students learn and work effectively with others:
  • Organizational, study & test-taking skills
  • Goal-setting and decision-making
  • How academics & interests link to future work and opportunities
  • Understanding of self and others
  • Communication, conflict resolution and problem-solving
  • Importance of healthy life choices
  • Leadership development
We work with parents, teachers, administrators and our community
  • We provide information to parents about academic planning programs, college and career exploration and outside resources
  • We consult and plan with teachers about students’ academic needs and available resources
  • We help administrators develop a campus that is emotionally safe and supportive, while academically rigorous