2017 School Grades

2017 School Grades Grades 2017

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District Grade

Elementary Schools
Cielo Azul Elementary C A C B
Colinas del Norte Elementary D C D C
Enchanted Hills Elementary B A B B
Ernest Stapleton Elementary B A B B
Maggie Cordova Elementary C B C C
Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary C A A A
Puesta del Sol Elementary B B B C
Rio Rancho Elementary B A C D
Sandia Vista Elementary C B D B
Vista Grande Elementary B B B B

Middle Schools

Eagle Ridge Middle School D C C B
Lincoln Middle School B B C B
Mountain View Middle School B A B A
Rio Rancho Middle School B B A A

High Schools

Cleveland High School A A A A
Rio Rancho High School A A A B
Rio Rancho Cyber Academy A A A A
Independence High School B C C C

The state’s grading system for public schools provides parents with information about school performance. It is important to understand that letter grades are but one indicator of how schools and students are doing.

For 2016-17, overall, the picture is positive. RRPS schools saw gains in many more areas than declines. Six schools improved at least one grade from 2016 to 2017, and one (Sandia Vista) improved by two grade levels, from a D to a B. Nine schools maintained their current standing.

While three schools saw a drop in grade, we would note that Rio Rancho Elementary missed a “C” grade and Puesta del Sol a “B” grade by less than a point. RRHS fell less than three points short of an “A.” Complete results for all the schools are available by clicking on the school name in the chart to the right.

Our leadership teams at the campus level at all of our schools are working through the just-implemented NM Dash school improvement framework to analyze and assess both their assessment results and school grades to assure they are meeting staff and community needs. New data analysis programs, as well as NM Dash, will provide our principals and teachers with additional tools to pinpoint and target those areas where students, both individually and as a group, may need extra support to improve.

As noted when the 2016-17 PARCC scores came out earlier this year, we believe that a shortage of certified teachers last year may have contributed to the drop in scores in some areas. We were unable to fill 28 classrooms last year with a full-time certified teacher. While we have excellent substitute teachers who work very hard to support students, they are not always certified in all of the subject areas they may be required to teach. The lack of sufficient resources and instructional materials to provide additional interventions in classrooms – instructional support for teachers and interventions for struggling students – may also be a factor.  We are pleased to note that this year we have been able to hire certified teachers to fill almost all our classrooms.  We are experiencing growth at some schools and are adding additional teachers at those schools. 

It is imperative that we continually evaluate ourselves and ensure we are meeting the needs of all students. Our administrators, teachers and staff will continue to do admirable work for the children in our district.

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