What is Night School

What is Night School?
Night School is a program servicing students from Rio Rancho, Cleveland, Cyber Academy and Independence High Schools. Students are referred by their home school to the Night School program.  Night School allows students to work in a safe setting to gain credit towards graduation.

Curriculum used?
Students use Edgenuity, a web based curriculum with teacher support.   Students are expected to pass all work including the final exam with a 70% or higher to earn the credit. 
Students are required to take notes in a notebook.  Notebooks are provided by the SLC.  Notebooks are turned in after the final exam is taken.

Full time Night School student vs Blended student
A full time Night School student is at the Secondary Learning Center Monday through Thursday from 4 pm until 8 pm.   This is their only school.  Students are expected to work at home 20 hours a week.  
A Blended student has a full schedule at their home school. (Home schools being RRHS, CHS, IHS or Cyber Academy.)   Students with a blended  Night School schedule are to attend Night School 8 hours per week.  

To enroll in Night School

Students and Parents should contact their students’ home school counselor or administrator for more information on the referral process.