RRPS District Policy Review

Your Input Wanted As Board Reviews District Policies
Posted on 10/17/2017
The Rio Rancho Public Schools Board of Education is continuing the very complex process of reviewing and revising the district's policy manual.  While individual policies have been revised and updated over the years to accommodate changes in state and federal law, this review will consider not only individual policies, but the organization of the manual as a whole.  

The first four series of policies under review are now posted on the RRPS website for review by the public.  The latest to be added pertain to curriculum and instruction:
  • Attend a Board Policy WorkshopAll workshops are at 5:30 PM at the District Training Center, 500 Laser Rd. NE, unless otherwise noted:
  • 400 Series:  10/23/17
  • 500 Series:  11/27/17
  • 600 Series:  1/22/18
  • 700 Series:  2/26/18
  • 800 Series:  3/19/18
  • 900 Series:  4/23/18
  • 1000 Series: 5/21/18

Major policy changes are required to undergo a minimum of two hearings by the board before they become final.  These policies will not be in force until the board adopts the new policy manual after completion of all of the changes and revisions (anticipated in the summer of 2018). 

The policy review process will continue throughout the 2017-18 school year.  Additional series of policies will be posted through this page as they become available for public review and comment.