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Rio Rancho Public Schools Pow Wow

A Pow Wow is a gathering where Native American dancing, singing and celebration take place. It’s a way to honor traditions and ancestors and to give thanks to spirits and the creator.

The circle is an important symbol to Native Americans. This is symbolic of the life cycle. The Pow Wow brings the circle of people closer to their families, friends, and Native American culture. Pow Wows are usually non-profit. They depend on donations, raffles, and blanket dances for support. Click Here for 2019 PowWow flyer.

9th Annual Pow Wow at Rio Rancho High SchoolImage
Each April, one of Rio Rancho's high school gymnasiums echoes to the sounds of drums, chants, and songs. The smell of traditional fry bread and Indian tacos wafts in from the patio as dancers of all ages, wearing the traditional dress of their tribes, celebrate their ancient traditions.
The 12th Annual RRPS Pow Wow will beheld on April 6, 2019 at the Cleveland High School gym. The event will feature Gourd Dancers, Grand Entries, amazing drum groups, and traditional dance competitions in several categories. In addition, the event includes a student art contest, raffles, giveaways, vendor booths featuring native arts and crafts, and other activities throughout the day.
The annual Pow Wow is sponsored by the RRPS Native American Parent Advisory Committeel (NAPAC), the Rio Rancho High School Native American Student Union, and the Cleveland High School Native American Student Union.The Pow Wow provides a means to bring the community together, to share their culture with others, and raise awareness about NAPAC with Rio Rancho parents.It also helps to cement the bonds among schools and their Native American families and is one way the district teaches students about the state's diverse cultures.
Rio Rancho Public Schools enrolls students from all of New Mexico’s Native American tribes, as well as many tribes throughout the nation.About 5.3% of RRPS’s student population is Native American.


Each year, a percentage of the proceeds from the annual Pow Wow are used to fund the district’s Native American Summer Academy, which is designed to integrate Native American culture with core subject areas.This program focuses on instilling a sense a unity and community among urban native youth along with providing an educational, cultural and enriching experience.


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Pow Wow Student Art Contest Winner

Last year’s 11th Annual Pow Wow Art Winner
  who is a 6th grader from Mountain View Middle School!


Kevin Pruitt 

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