Beck, Chris
Business: 891-5335 x 705
Athletic Coordinator at Rio Rancho Middle School

Carver, Bruce 
Business: 896-0667 x 51159
Executive Director of Athletics

Chavez, Larry 
Business: 938-0420
Athletic Coordinator at Cleveland High School

CHS, Head Coaches
Visit the CHS Athletics page to contact each of these coaches:

Football - Heith Ridenour
Volleyball - Brian Ainsworth
Cross Country - Kenny Henry
Boys Soccer - Sean Gill
Girls Soccer - Greg Rusk
Boys Basketball - Sean Jimenez
Girls Basketball - Susan Kubala
Wrestling - Evan Copeland
Swim - Stacy Salinas
Boys Track - Kenny Henry
Girls Track - Tim Flores
Boys/Girls Tennis - Diana LaCour
Golf - Jim Tillery
Baseball - Shane Shallenberger
Softball - Angel Castillo
Athletic Trainer - Jeff Archuleta
Cheer - Tonya Budagher
Dance - Nicole Kaufman

Jones, Dawn 
Business: 896-0667 x51207
Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director of Athletics

Metzgar, Vince 
Business: 896-5800
Athletic Coordinator at Rio Rancho High School

Miller, Curtis 
Business: 892-1100 x505
Athletic Coordinator at Lincoln Middle School

‚ÄčMondragon, Martin 
Business: 867-0711 x 505
Athletic Coordinator at Mountain View Middle School

RRHS, Head Coaches
Visit the RRHS Athletics page to contact each of these coaches:

Football - Dave Howes
Volleyball - Toby Manzanares
Cross Country - Sal Gonzales
Boys Soccer - John Shepard
Girls Soccer - Uwe Balzis
Boys Basketball - Wally Salata
Girls Basketball - Scott Peterson
Wrestling - Mike Santos
Swim - Stacy Salinas
Boys Track - Sal Gonzales
Girls Track - Rick Miller
Boys Tennis - Gordon Douglas
Girls Tennis - Tom Gutierrez
Golf - Jason Black
Baseball - Ron Murphy
Softball - Paul Kohman
Athletic Trainer -T.J. Fails
Cheer - Wendy Lopez
Dance - Christine Carson

Schroer, Phil
Business: 892-6630
Athletic Coordinator at Eagle Ridge Middle School