School Locations & Attendance Boundaries

Please scroll down to view school attendance boundaries and school locations in Google Maps.  This application allows you to zoom in on your street and determine which school your child should attend.  Scroll down past the maps for a link to printable .pdf maps.

Our interactive maps may not work in all browsers.  We recommend using Google Chrome or Explorer. 

Use the + and - buttons and arrows to zoom in/out of the maps, or use your mouse to drag the map.
You can also click on an area to see the school for that zone, or the blue icon for specific school information. 

The boundaries can be viewed over a street map (Map), a satellite image (Sat), a terrain map (Ter), or in Google Earth (Earth) - simply click the button at the upper right of the map.  The Google Earth application is slowest to load, but allows viewing over a satellite image that shows detail down to individual buildings.  All applications show street names.   

You can also use our Transportation Bus Search Tool to find out your school of attendance and whether or not your child will ride the bus.  Click here to open the transportation bus tool. 

All of our boundary maps are viewable as printable PDF documents as well here...

Elementary Schools Boundary Map:

Middle Schools Boundary Map:

High Schools Boundary Map: