Emergency Calling System

The Rio Rancho Public Schools Notification System is used for school-wide and district-wide notifications to parents and staff. The system may utilize three methods of communication, including phone calls, emails and SMS text messages. Notifications may be sent out to provide information on things such as emergency situations, weather related delays/dismissals, special events, threat notifications, or other topics of general interest.  Messages may be sent by phone, by e-mail, by text, or a combination of methods.

*If there is an emergency situation specifically with your child, school staff will contact you directly via the emergency numbers you provided when your registered.

Phone Call IconPhone Calls

Typically, phone calls to parents and staff are reserved for emergencies or significant event notifications. For instance, a phone call would be used when the school district issues a weather delay, when buses are delayed or where there is a safety situation that will impact your child. However, in special circumstances, phone calls may also be used for significant events such as testing reminders or other important information. Below are some frequently asked questions as they relate to phone call notifications.

What do I do if I'm not receiving phone calls?
All contact information is based upon parents/guardians enter in the online registration system at the time they register their children.  Very important: If your phone number or e-mail address changes, please promptly contact the registrar's office(s) at the school(s) your children attend so your records can be updated. This will allow information to reach you more promptly in case of emergency.  If you have children in more than one school, please be sure to make the change at all of the schools. 

What do I do if I'm receiving calls in error?
If you are receiving calls and do not have children in our school system, please listen carefully to the message and make a note of the following information:

  1.   Student Name
  2.   School Name
  3.   Reason for the call
  4.   Date of call

Then, please contact the school that made the emergency call and let them know you were called in error (see table below). Please give them the phone number that was called in error and the above information.  Keep in mind the information may not be fixed immediately, we may need to contact the parent/guardian on record with that phone number to verify their contact information in order to make the correction in the system.

*If you have received a call and you are not the parent of (or the emergency contact for) an RRPS student, you may also call 896-0667, press "8," and leave a message.

How do I opt out of receiving phone call notifications? 
Pursuant to federal law, you may opt out of receiving notifications via phone at any time.  You may do so by:

  • Contacting your school registrar to request your number be removed from our mass notification calls for non-emergency calls, or for all calls

  • Calling the district office main number, (505) 896-0667, and pressing “8” to be connected to our bad phone number mailbox.

Email Icon

Email notifications will be the most common form of notification used by the Rio Rancho Public School District. We use email notification for messages about special classes, testing, special events, reminders, weather delays, early dismissal messages, threat notifications and more. Email notifications may also be sent in combination with another form of notification, depending on the importance of the message. To ensure you receive our email notifications, please ensure that your contact email address or addresses are up-to-date in your child's school records. To update this information, please do so when you register your child for school or you may also call your child's school registrar. 

If you would like to opt out of email notifications, you will find instructions for unsubscribing at the bottom of every email notification.  Please bear in mind that if you unsubscribe, you will not receive emergency notifications via email.


Text Message IconSMS Text Messages

Text message notifications to parents and staff are typically reserved for emergencies or significant event notifications. For instance, a text message may be sent when the school district issues a weather delay or where there is a safety situation that will impact your child. However, in special circumstances, text messages may also be used for significant events such as testing reminders or other important information.  

In order to receive text message notifications you must actively opt-in to the system. When you add a cell phone number to your child's school records, you will automatically be sent an opt-in opportunity for text message notifications. You may opt-in at that time, as long as the cell phone number has been added to your child's records. If you did not opt-in when you entered the cell phone number in your child's records, you may still opt-in by texting "Y" or "Yes" to 67587. Again, in order for you to opt-in to text messages, the cell phone number must first be officially added to your child's records. You may add your cell phone number by working with your child's school registrar.

  • Click here for instructions to Opt out from receiving text messages.

Middle Schools "Safe Arrival" Calls
All RRPS middle schools make AUTOMATED daily "Safe Arrival Calls". These calls are to inform you when your middle school child is not at school and is marked as unexcused. 

Calls are made within 2 hours after the start of school. Please make sure to answer these calls if at all possible. Manual calls will be made if the automated calling system was unsuccessful making contact (Only a call answered is considered successful, not calls received by an answering machine). To avoid receiving one or more attendance calls when you are aware your child will be absent, please notify the school at least one hour prior to the start of school. 

If you receive a call:  Please call the school Attendance Office IMMEDIATELY to let them know the reason for your child's absence or if your child should be in school.

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