Please use the menu at left to access district department websites.  Not sure what each department does?  Here's a guide:

Administration: This page provides a link to the web pages for the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. V. Sue Cleveland, and the members of the Superintendent's Cabinet (senior leadership) who directly oversee schools and support services:

  • Chief Academic Officer, Carl Leppelman
  • Chief Operations Officer, Michael Baker
  • Chief Communications, Strategy, and Engagement Officer, Bethany Pendergrass
  • Legal Counsel, Loren Hatch

Athletics (896-0667 ext. 51207): The Executive Director of Athletics is responsible for overseeing coaching and coordination of athletic programs at all grade levels, scheduling and coordination of interscholastic athletics, and compliance with federal and state laws and New Mexico Activities Association rules and regulations.

Curriculum and Instruction (896-0667 ext. 51360 (elementary) or ext. 51358 (secondary)):  The Curriculum and Instruction staff are responsible for developing curricula and instructional practices in district schools and are involved in developing “educational specifications” for new school construction and planning for future schools.  These departments also directly support classroom teachers through instructional coaches who help teachers effectively implement the district’s curricula and improve instructional practices, through review and adoption of textbooks and instructional materials, and through professional development programs (ongoing training) for teachers and school district staff.

Facilities (896-0667 ext. 51224):  The Facilities Department is responsible for construction, improvements to, maintenance, and custodial care of district facilities.  The department is responsible for facilities long-range planning and capital improvements. The department also coordinates use and rental of school district facilities.

Federal, Bilingual, and Native American Programs (896-0667 ext. 51171): This office provides support and facilitates the budget process for federal programs including Title I (economically disadvantaged), Title II (professional development), Title III (language instruction for limited English-proficient students), bilingual programs, and Title VII (services to Native American students).  The department also conducts parent outreach programs and offers translation services into multiple languages for communications to parents and students.

Finance (896-0667 ext. 51133):  The Finance Department directs and manages the financial and business affairs of the district, including accounting, payroll, operations, and bond funds, to provide the best possible educational services with the financial resources available. The Purchasing Department and the district’s food services operations also report to the Executive Director of Finance.

Fine and Performing Arts (896-0667 ext. 51353):  The Executive Director of Fine Arts is responsible for developing and coordinating instruction across grade levels in the fine and performing arts including band, orchestra, choral music, dance, drama, and theater tech.  The district offers art and music programs at all grade levels.

Food Services (892-1784): The Office of Student Nutrition is managed by an outside contractor, Sodexo, and makes a nutritious breakfast and lunch available daily to approximately 17,000 students and 2,000 staff at the district’s 19 schools.  Sodexo also provides catering services to support school and district operations and events and summer meal programs.  All student meals are required to meet USDA nutritional guidelines. 

Human Resources (896-0667 ext. 51176):  The Human Resources (HR) department executes all personnel-related functions of the district.  It is responsible for recruiting and advertising open positions district-wide and supervision of licensure, background checks, benefits, and contracts.   HR also is responsible for labor relations, Workers Compensation, and administering compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Information Technology (896-0667 ext. 51117):
This department, abbreviated “IT,” provides technical support for administrative, educational, and communications technology throughout the district, including the Student Information System (PowerSchool), and STARS, the state’s State Department Accountability Data System.  IT purchases, installs, and maintains district computers, servers, peripherals, electronic devices, network infrastructure, and video and television equipment.  It also manages the district’s phone system, e-mail services, Web site, and Internet and Intranet access.

Public Information (896-0667 ext. 51253):  The Chief Communications, Strategy, and Engagement Officer oversees the district's public information activities.  She and her staff assist the Superintendent with development and implementation of the district’s strategic plan, coordination of outreach to and input from parents, school staff, and the community at large, legislative relations,  government and media relations, and other strategic activities and projects.

Purchasing (896-0667 ext. 51137):  The Purchasing Department qualifies vendors, administers Requests for Proposals, Requests for Quotes, Invitations to Bid, and other bidding processes for the district and schools, coordinates purchase requisitions and orders, and assures the district's compliance with the State Purchasing Code. 

Research, Assessment, Data, and Accountability (RADA) (896-0667 ext. 51315):  This office is responsible for overseeing administration of state-mandated achievement tests and other assessments used by the district to measure student progress.  This office also is responsible for collecting and analyzing data used by all district schools and departments to assist principals and teachers in refining instructional strategies and to determine if the district is meeting its goals and targets for continuous academic improvement.

Safety and Security (896-0667 ext. 51370):  This department promotes a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff and supervises all security-related operations in the district, including school security officers and infrastructure, investigations, coordination with School Resource Officers (SRO’s) and liaison to law enforcement agencies.  It also supervises school and district safety plans and compliance with state and federal regulations related to safety and security.

School Improvement Officers (896-0667ext. 51256):  The Chief School Improvement Officers (Elementary: Janna Chenault / Secondary: Renee Saucedo) report to the Chief Academic Officer and are responsible for overseeing teaching and learning in RRPS's 19 schools.  School principals directly report to the Chief School Improvement Officer for their school's grade level.  

Special Services (896-0667 ext. 51141):  The Special Services Department provides or oversees and administers budgets for instructional programs and related services designed to meet the unique needs of students in pre-school through high school who need specialized assistance, including those administered under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA).  The department administers special education services, federal 504 services, gifted education, Child Find (diagnostic services), and Medicaid in the Schools for provision of health-related services.

Student Services (896-0667 ext. 51129):  The Student Services Department acts as a clearinghouse for student disciplinary issues in the schools and manages the district’s behavioral and anti-bullying programs and the student disciplinary appeals process for cases that progress beyond the school level.  Student Services also coordinates the provision of student services provided by outside agencies, oversees GED requests and requests for transfers, acts as the clearinghouse for parent complaints, and supervises nurses, counselors, truancy officers and enforcement, and the S.A.F.E. (Students Achieving for Excellence) elementary school after-school programs.  The Executive Director of Student Services serves as the district’s Title IX Coordinator.

Student Transportation (338-0078):  This department is responsible for ensuring safe and efficient transportation of more than 11,000 students to and from school each day, and transportation of students with special needs as indicated through Individualized Education Plans, as well as compliance with all federal and state statutes and regulations relating to student transportation.  In addition to providing transportation to and from school, the Student Transportation Department provides bus service for field trips, student activities, and athletics, and charter services for major events such as the Balloon Fiesta.