Community Use Portal

Baseball field

Welcome to the Rio Rancho Public Schools Community Use Portal! This is your gateway to registering for and scheduling use of RRPS school facilities, athletic fields, and performing arts facilities.

When you enter the portal for the first time, you will be asked to create an account and request access to submit online requests. Once your account is approved, you can view the calendar and check facilities availability and submit a request to use a facility on a one-time, yearly or seasonal basis. The request then goes through an approval process which can take up to a few weeks, so please be sure to plan well in advance. While you are notified at every step of the approval process, your request is not finally approved until you receive an email letting you know "your requested schedule is activated." 

You will then need to provide insurance documentation. The insurance policy we need is the Tenant Users Liability Insurance Policy or TULIP. The "Certificate of Insurance" should include Rio Rancho Public Schools as the additional insured on the policy for the date(s) of use and the policy should be for $1 million, before the start of your event. The insurance certificate should be emailed to

Please keep in mind that while our schools try to anticipate their needs and schedule events well in advance, school-sponsored events and extracurricular activities take precedence. On rare occasions, it becomes necessary for a school to "bump" an already-scheduled event booked from outside the district.  If this happens, we will provide you with as much notice as possible.

We are glad to make our facilities available for community use to the greatest extent possible, and thank you for your interest!

Click here to create an account or to log into the Community Use Portal!

(Directions: When the page comes up, click in the upper right-hand corner under "Welcome Guest! Log In to Request Facility Use" to access the login screen.)

Point of Contact:  Laura Perez, Facilities Use Specialist,