Enhanced COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Starting on Monday, January 24 and until further notice, the following enhanced COVID-19 safety protocols will be implemented at all Rio Rancho Public Schools campuses and facilities:

  • Visitors will no longer be allowed on campus

  • No large group gatherings (Assemblies, staff meetings, large events, etc.)

    • To include: High School Science Expo, CTE Career Fair, IHS Open House, and Elementary/Middle School Music Recruiting Trips.

    • These and other events may be canceled, postponed or moved to virtual

  • Recess times and spaces will be staggered and separated

  • Masking rules will be strictly enforced at events with spectators; Those who do not comply with proper mask wearing will be removed from the facility

These enhancements will be implemented in addition to our existing safety protocols which already include, but are not limited to:

  • Universal masking indoors 

  • Masks available for individuals who may need them 

  • Isolation room used to separate COVID positive and potentially positive individuals from others 

  • Appropriate PPE is available for staff

  • Staff surveillance testing program 

  • Student surveillance testing program 

  • Enhanced air filtration and HVAC in school facilities

  • Staff and students trained on safe transitions 

  • Seating charts for all classes 

  • Seating charts for all school buses 

  • Students and staff have access to hand-washing stations and/or hand sanitizer 

  • Students facing one way in classroom seating 

  • Visual cues to encourage social distancing 

  • Regular deep cleaning/disinfecting of facilities and buses

  • And more…

We feel that, at this time, the addition of these enhanced COVID-19 safety protocols will allow us to provide a safer environment for our students and staff while continuing to provide in-person learning. We are hopeful that this newest variant of COVID-19 will peak in our community soon, leading to a decline in cases which would allow us to eventually loosen safety restrictions. 

We apologize for any inconvenience these new enhanced protocols may cause. We are faced with tough decisions as positive COVID-19 cases rise and we are doing all that we can to come up with ways to safely keep our students in classrooms. We appreciate your continued partnership.